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4 Checkout UX Hacks To Boost E-Commerce Conversions

According to a survey conducted by Invesp, insufficient payment options, hidden shipping costs, extra taxes and a complex checkout process are among the reasons that contribute to high shopping cart abandonment rates. The good news is that you can eliminate these issues through the following checkout UX hacks.

1. Fragment Your Checkout Process

A complex checkout process is one of the leading causes of shopping cart abandonment. A normal checkout process usually involves cart adjustments, billing, shipping, coupon codes and order review, among others.

Therefore, instead of displaying the entire checkout process on the screen, you should instead break it down into digestible sections. Also, make sure that you shorten it as much as possible.

A checkout process with over 20 different steps is a sure way of driving a potential customer away.

2. Feature A Progress Bar

Apart from simplifying the checkout process, you should also include a progress bar to show customers where they are in the checkout process. Without a progress bar, it’s hard for the customer to tell what step they’re on as well as how far they have to go.

As a result, they might grow fatigued and end up abandoning the cart. A progress bar on the other hand, encourages the customer to complete the checkout process, thus increasing sales.

3. Establish Credibility

Almost every week there’s a reported data breach or a cyber attack affecting both small and large enterprises. As a business owner, your most valuable asset besides your customers, is security and privacy.

If you cannot guarantee those two, then you’ll struggle to make sales. And if your business is online based, you’ll be processing a lot of highly sensitive data every day. As much as you might have implemented data protection measures, that might not be enough.

You need to go a step further and show your customers that you care about their security and privacy on the checkout page. Also, you need to explain to customers why every field on your checkout process is important.

If you fail to convince them, then no one will be willing to shop from your site regardless of how appealing your offers are.

4. Eliminate Unnecessary Form Fields

Form filling is a vital step in every checkout process. It helps your system to process the order efficiently. Unfortunately, form filling remains one of the main reasons behind shopping cart abandonment.

Most of the information that the customer has to provide is considered private or sensitive. Besides that, the user has to fill numerous fields before they can finally checkout with their order.

Therefore, e-commerce stores need to come up with clever ways of making this process less laborious. For instance, you can invest in a powerful auto-complete plugin which can pre-fill the form, thus saving the customer’s time and effort.

Also, you need to remove every field or form that is not necessary.

Final Thoughts On Checkout UX Hacks

The checkout is the last bottleneck between a business and a potential sale. Unfortunately, it’s the most challenging in the entire customer journey.

Therefore, if you want to prevent shopping cart abandonment, then you need to implement the above tips in your e-commerce store. And with time, you’ll notice a significant increase in your conversion rate.