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How To Use Amazon Author Copies To Add Value To Your FBA Sales

In 2017, Amazon launched the Amazon author copies feature for Kindle Direct Publishing. The service allows independent authors to order copies of their books at wholesale. The Amazon marketplace has become a dominant space for both sellers and buyers.

For this reason, there’s a need for sellers to come up with smart strategies to improve sales amidst all the competition. Selling your book as a Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) seller offers advantages. You get to bank on the reputation of the e-commerce store to push your book.

However, with author copies, you get to do more to boost sales. You only have to know the right tactics to employ.

How Author Copies Work

A book has to be ‘Live’ on Kindle to be eligible for author copies. At the ‘Bookshelf’ find the paperback you wish to order, click ‘Order Author Copies’ and select the number of orders you want.

You have to select the Amazon marketplace according to your delivery requirements. When you order an author copy, only the printing cost, shipping and corresponding taxes apply. It means that author copies cost significantly less than retail copies.

An author copy is not much different from a retail copy. However, it’s different from a proof copy because it has an ISBN number. Amazon author copies are available in English, French, Portuguese, Dutch, German, Italian and Spanish.

Discounted Sales On Your Website

With Amazon author copies, you can order books to sell on your website. Discounted products are an effective marketing strategy. Even slashing a small percentage off a new release can make a big difference.

You can order several author copies and have them ready to ship from your site. Author copies can help expand your reader base and get more people to buy your book. First-time authors can especially benefit from selling discounted books.

When you’re trying to build a reader base, you need all the available help. Start by offering selected buyers, author copies. The more copies you get out there, the more visibility you get.

This exposure will drive people to the retail version of your book. Note that Amazon allows you to resell author copies but you won’t get royalties for them. This is why you should restrict the number of copies you resell for marketing purposes.

Sell At Fairs And Readings

Another reason to buy author copies is to avail them to fans at various events. Readings are effective marketing strategies for authors. They’re an opportunity for you as a writer, to connect with readers on a physical level.

Reading to your audience allows you to emote and voice your book as you intended. During that reading, you can offer the attendees a chance to buy author copies. The reduced cost is an added advantage because buyers can save money.

With the publicity you gain from selling author copies at readings and fairs, you can attract more people to your Kindle store and thereby increase FBA sales.

Bundle Them With Existing Items You Sell On Amazon

If you sell other items on Amazon as an FBA seller, you can also bundle your book with one or two related items. For example, if you’ve written a cookbook and you sell baking molds, you can bundle these items together as a separate listing.

The benefit of doing this is that you’ll increase your sales and your profit margin as the bundle will be perceived as having a higher value. This will also ensure that your listing is unique and won’t attract another seller to it.

This in effect, reduces the level of competition and your prices can remain steady.

Final Thoughts On How To Use Amazon Author Copies

KDP continues to increases features that authors can use to improve their sales. Amazon author copies can help get more people to buy your retail book which will improve your FBA sales.

However, you should have the right strategies to leverage author copies to their full potential. You can gain visibility, boost the ranking of your book and find new readers. Take time to understand your target audience so that you can craft appropriate plans for your author copies.