amazon listing optimization

How To Execute Amazon Listing Optimization For Better Sales

The primary purpose of performing an Amazon listing optimization is to increase traffic and boost sales. Therefore, as a vendor or seller on Amazon, Amazon SEO is one of the most important tasks you should execute strategically.

Product listing is basically the foundation of starting and running an Amazon business. Amazon uses a unique algorithm to calculate product ranking based on what it can find on the product listing.

Here are tips on how to execute Amazon product listing optimization for better sales.

Create A Compelling Product Title

Ensure your product title is compelling enough to encourage potential customers to click through. The Amazon ranking algorithm considers product title as one of the vital metrics for measuring the relevancy of a product listing when ranking products.

Therefore, you need to research extensively to come up with a keyword-rich product title that will boost your rankings on search results.

Remember to avoid contravening Amazon rules that require you to avoid formatting elements such as the use of symbols, HTML codes and ALL CAPS.

Some of the most crucial product title optimization aspects you should focus on include:

  • Brand – You need to decide whether including the name of your brand in the product title will boost your product’s image.
  • The main keyword – Include the main keyword in your product title.
  • Additional keywords – Consider other keyword variations that searchers type into the Amazon search bar when looking for your product. This means that performing keyword research is very important when optimizing your product title.

Work On Your Product Images

High-quality product images can help you increase conversions. No one can order a product from Amazon if the product image is not clear or ugly.

Also, take full advantage of the 9 image spaces you’re provided, to post the best images that give your product the best photographic representation.

To avoid confusing your potential customers with other unwanted details, ensure the main product image has a white background and fills at least 85 percent of the entire image. Amazon recommends that this the best image sizing that can boost click-throughs.

You should also include a few close-ups of the product material and its important features or elements. For example, if you sell umbrellas you can use a close-up to show the opening system of your product.

Showing a close-up image of product features is one way of telling your potential customers how your product can change their lives.

Use Bullet Points Optimally

Users tend to read the bullet points on the right side of a product image in order to decide whether they will click-through. Hence, the content you create for your bullet points should be compelling enough to grab your prospects’ attention.

Most categories allow you to create five bullet points of around 150 characters. Take full advantage of all your allowed characters in outlining the most crucial features or benefits of your product.

Make sure you include relevant keywords in your bullet points to boost your search result rankings.

Write A Detailed Product Description

A product description is a very crucial part of an Amazon product listing. This is your chance to write everything there is to know about your brand or/and product.

Think about possible questions that your potential customers might have about your product and ensure you answer all of them satisfactorily. That means that you should check your competitors’ “Questions & Answers” sections to get an idea of some of the content to include in your own product description.

Final Thoughts On How To Execute Amazon Listing Optimization

In order to increase your sales on Amazon, you need to get the best exposure on search engines by ranking high on the Search Engine Result Pages SERPs. That’s why optimizing your product listing page is very crucial to your business.

If online shoppers can’t find your products in search results, you won’t make enough sales. The copy you create for product listings has to be insightful and user-friendly. This is the page where you convert a user into a paying customer.