best exit intent popups

6 Of The Best Exit Intent Popups You Should Consider

If you’re looking to convert more leads and keep visitors from navigating away from your site, you should definitely utilize exit intent popups. Especially since statistics indicate that up to 96% of visitors who leave your site never return. Ready to get started? Below are six of the best exit intent popups you should consider using on your website.

1. Offer Free Product Demos

Product demos are a great way to demonstrate your product or service’s features and give users an idea of how it works. For instance, if your website offers accounting software, you could provide a video demonstration of how key modules of the software work.

Product demos have several advantages including the fact that they allow you to prove that the product does what you say it does and helps you deal with any concerns that prospects may have.

2. Offer A PDF Versions Of Web Content

Use exit intent popups to offer visitors PDF versions of blog posts and other types of web content. PDF versions are especially effective in cases where users have limited time to read your content but would like to save it for future consumption.

You could offer PDF copies of patterns if you run a crafting website or marketing tips if you run an online marketing strategy site.

3. Related Products Displays

Ensure that your website has software that tracks user preferences to ensure that they receive product recommendations when they try to navigate away from your site.

For instance, if they’re searching for leather backpacks, you could have your site recommend leather backpacks in different colors, sizes and prices.

4. Free Shipping Offers

Research has shown that shipping costs are the number one reason why people abandon shopping carts. Simply put, this means that shoppers may pick out items, include their payment details and then cancel the purchase due to shipping costs.

To prevent this, you can offer free shipping coupon codes on purchases above a certain dollar amount.

5. Limited Time Offers

This type of exit intent popup allows you to appeal to human propensity for procrastination. Most people leave off doing things until the very last minute.

Creating a limited time offer helps to infuse a sense of urgency and influences visitors to sign up before the expiration date.

6. Voucher And Coupon Offers

You can offer vouchers and coupons to visitors who sign up and provide their contact details. This has the effect of encouraging visitors to return to your site time and again and also helps you to build your email list.

Many websites offer coupons that can be spent in-house or used on websites like Amazon or other marketplaces.

Conclusion On The Best Exit Intent Popups

Exit intents are highly effective in providing powerful CTA’s and keeping your visitors from navigating away from your site. According to, all popups, including exit intent, have a conversion rate of 3.09%.

While this may seem like a small number, it still converts to over 3000 conversions and sign ups for every 100,000 visitors to your site. Therefore, you need to ensure that you invest in strategies that deliver maximum traffic.