Online Payment Processors

Which Are The Best Online Payment Processors For Your Store?

An online payment refers to a transaction whose outcome is the transfer of funds from the customer’s account to your bank account. The payment can be done from either a bank account or a credit card through an online payment processor. The online payment processors are the companies that have been authorized by merchants to manage transactions involving the electronic transfer of money.

These transactions require the use of digital stored value systems, computer networks and the internet.

The Best Online Payment Processors In The US

Some of the best online payment processors that are available to US e-commerce store owners are:

1) PayPal

This is one of the easiest online payment options which has been around since 1999. It enables customers to connect their credit cards and bank accounts in order to make payments for their product purchases.

It can also be used as an online bank by allowing you to store money directly in your PayPal account. Most customers would easily recognize PayPal’s payment button in any e-commerce store.

PayPal can also function as an extra bank account with its own debit card and access to common banking services.

2) Stripe

Stripe is one of the leading payment software platforms that you can use for your online store. The service gives you the ability to receive payments from all over the globe.

The good thing about this service is that there are no setup costs or monthly fees. You will only be charged the transaction fees and Stripe handles all the transaction aspects including sending the money to your bank.

3) Square

This is a white tiny credit card that makes it possible to receive payments in person. You can connect Square to your phone to enable you to accept payments anywhere.

The system also allows you to manage inventory, employees and sales in your e-commerce store. It has an ecommerce API that enables you to build payments into the site and process all your sales.

4) Payline Data

This is another popular payment service for e-commerce store owners. It has virtual terminals, mobile processing, an online payment gateway and shopping cart functionalities that blend well with your e-commerce business.

The transactions processed through Payline data services have a flat markup above the interchange and a low monthly fee.

5) Fattmerchant

This is a simple payment processing service that offers merchant accounts to e-commerce firms at a flat-rate fee. It uses a subscription-style pricing model that provides you with an online payment gateway, virtual terminal, mobile phone processing and an online shopping cart.

You can also get other great features like online invoicing, recurring billing and QuickBooks integration.

6) Authorize.Net

This is a secure, reliable and easy payment system that offers you more than just the basic payment tools. The service integrates well with your e-commerce site and doesn’t move customers away from the site in order to complete payments.

It also makes it possible to receive payments from other online payment processors like PayPal and Apple Pay.

7) Apple Pay

This is a digital wallet service that has been developed by Apple Inc. It allows you to make account-based payments on the web and in iOS apps. It needs to work with a payment provider like Stripe in order to enable you to process payments for your e-commerce store.


There are many online payment processing companies in the US. An e-commerce store owner would therefore, have a difficult task of identifying the most viable option. Therefore, some of the factors that will help you in making such a choice include cost, safety and convenience.

PayPal and Stripe have a proven success story and are a perfect choice for any e-commerce store owner. Consequently, PayPal has features that blend well with any e-commerce platform while Stripe has extensive functionalities that are exclusive for e-commerce businesses.