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5 Black Friday Email Marketing Tips To Boost Small Businesses

A report by Adope Analytics stated that in the year 2018, online retailers recorded sales worth $ 6. 22 billion on Black Friday. This was an increase by a whopping 23.6 % from the previous year. One of the best ways of preparing for Black Friday and winning the attention of your readers is by preparing an appealing and professional email. Here are 5 Black Friday email marketing tips to boost small businesses.

1. Get The Subject Line Right

For readers who receive a lot of emails in a day, they notice the relevant ones through the subject line. A ‘Hi’ as the subject line can be a turn off to the reader. The subject line should capture the deal that you have on offer and the major benefit coming with the deal.

As far as possible, keep your subject line under 30 characters. An example of an appealing headline would be the following: “Only a few hours left – Black Friday – 25 % discount. Free Shipping”.

2. Importance Of Display

Visual impressions play a critical role in seeking the attention of your readers. Display your products in the most attractive way possible and this will definitely enhance the click-through rate.

For example, well-know retailer Huckberry sent out a Black Friday email. The email contained large images of its products and they were rewarded for that through a surge in sales.

3. Your Black Friday Email Marketing Should Instill A Sense Of Urgency

The best marketing strategies do have a sense of urgency. For example, you can state that a certain offer is ending at a certain time. Closely connected to this is the issue of scarcity.

In other words, whatever that you have on offer has a limit and it’s not going to be available indefinitely. An example of a successful ecommerce business that relies on showing urgency and scarcity is

4. Start Sending Emails Early

Don’t wait until Black Friday to start sending out emails. If you wait for this time, the market will be very crowded and thus, there will be stiff competition. Also, it should be noted that some clients start planning early for their shopping.

Therefore, if you send out your marketing emails early enough, they’re going to find your business more convenient and this will give you an early advantage.

5. The Importance Of Reminder Emails

If you want your Black Friday email marketing campaign to have a greater impact, make use of reminder emails. Potential clients could be facing lethargy, could be busy or could be procrastinating.

In such a case, a reminder email will go a long way in drawing their attention. However, a reminder email does not in any way mean that you spam them with email messages. This will alienate your customers and you will lose them.


As you send out your emails, be aware that others are sending them too. In other words, competition is high. What’s important is that you make an attempt to stand out as much as you can.

If your emails are written well, you stand a high chance of attracting a significant number of clients for the Black Friday sales.

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