Build A Following For Your Business On Instagram

How You Can Build A Following For Your Business On Instagram

When it was launched, Instagram was just a photo-sharing social media platform but today, it has turned out to be one of the best marketing channels for business owners. According to Statista, by September 2017, Instagram had 800 million active users. So how do you build a following for your business on Instagram?

According to Instagram, 80% of the users follow one or more business accounts. In the light of these statistics, it is safe to conclude that Instagram has both the numbers and the potential to act as a marketing platform for e-commerce business owners.

However, successful e-commerce marketing on Instagram doesn’t only involve registering a business account. You have to stand out for people to follow and engage with your brand. This article highlights some tips that can help in attracting loyal followers for your brand.


Just like on Twitter, Instagram users make use of hashtags to attract more followers. When you use a hashtag, people who search for posts using that hashtag are likely to land on your photos and become your followers.

However, not all hashtags will get you the right kind of followers. You have to look for the ones that are related to the products that you offer. This will ensure that you get followers who have an interest in your brand and are likely to become your customers. In short, it helps in tapping your prospects.

Another tip when choosing your hashtags is to have a blend of both popular and less popular hashtags. Less common hashtags mean that fewer people are using them and thus your brand is likely to appear on top of search results.

Additionally, try to focus on keywords that are product and location specific where possible.

Collaborate With Other Brands To Build A Following For Your Business On Instagram

Every brand on Instagram is always on the lookout for new ways to grow their followers. Thus, you can identify a brand similar to yours, with a similar audience, and approach them for a cross promotion. You will both benefit by increasing your number of followers.

Know The Right Timing To Post

The best timing to post will depend on the nature of your audience. To determine this, post regularly and evaluate the engagement of each post. Check the time of the day and days of the week when you get maximum engagement. This should be your best time to post.

Run A Contest

Contests are fun and give your followers a chance to win some gifts. Ensure that your contest is easy to participate in and give it a start and end date. For instance, you can ask your followers to share a picture with certain hashtags. When the contest is over, announce the winners publicly and honor the promise.

Influencer Marketing

The other way to grow your Instagram followers, which is not free, is to make use of an influencer. An influencer can take payment or free goods or services to endorse your brand to their followers.

Final Word

One of the key tips for e-commerce success is to get the attention of the potential buyers and let them know about your story and your products. Instagram has millions of users, a portion of whom can turn out to be your potential customers and thus if you use it well, you will get the attention of your prospects and drive more traffic to your e-commerce store.

Follow our tips on how to build a following for your business on Instagram and soon you’ll have many more customers visiting your store.