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Creating A Call To Action Marketing Strategy For The Holidays

The whole point of marketing your business and your holiday offers on social media and email is to get your target audience to take action. Therefore your call to action marketing strategy plays a critical role in achieving this.

It tells people what to do with the information. For example, your call to action can lead your audience to purchase an item or register for an event and so forth. Thus you need to be short and precise in your posts.

Furthermore, if you’re targeting the holidays, which are seasonal, you need to be unique and avoid the common call-to-action mistakes that a lot of marketers make.

Here are some tips on how to create a highly converting call to action marketing strategy for the holidays.

Use A Strong Verb To Start Your CTA

Effective calls to action are all about being clear and concise. Remember, you don’t have a ton of space in your ad. Get straight to the point and let the audience know exactly what you want them to do.

When it comes to holiday sales and business, most marketers get so caught up in writing wordy descriptions of their products and discounts, they end up not giving attention to the call to action.

Having a strong verb at the start of your call to action describes your expectations. Words like ‘order’ or ‘buy’ or ‘subscribe’ are strong starting words as they tell your audience what to do without the need to even read the entire CTA.

Use Words That Will Provoke Emotion And Enthusiasm

When it comes to holiday shopping, most people make a lot of decisions based on their emotions. If you can elicit a strong emotion, your audiences will be enthusiastic and will act on your CTA.

For example, CTAs like “buy now and get 50% off” will not only provide your audience with a lot of benefits, it will also arouse a happy emotion that will cause them to act fast. For someone intending to book a holiday for their family, they’ll act fast not to miss out.

Give Your Audience A Reason To Take The Desired Action

Every shopper only cares about what is in it for them. What are you offering them? Will it help them perform their tasks better, save them money or help them lose weight? Your call to action should answer the question of what they stand to gain.

A call to action like “Book today for a free holiday consultation” is appropriate to make your audience act. They know that they’ll find a solution and for free. Therefore, they’ll act on it because it will save them money. Therefore, it already answers why they should do it.

Final Thoughts On Creating A Converting Call To Action Marketing Strategy

There’s one thing that all CTAs should take advantage of, FOMO. Fear of missing out makes most shoppers buy products and services. This is even more so with holiday products and offers.

Holidays are seasonal. Therefore, your calls to action should always give your audience a reason to take action as well as portray urgency. A combination of these strategies will take your marketing a notch higher.