Is DHGate A Viable Alternative To Aliexpress For A Dropship Business?

Finding a reliable supplier can mean the difference between success and failure when it comes to the dropshipping business or any other online business. A supplier will determine the quality of your products as well as how soon they are dispatched to the customer. Luckily, there are numerous options when choosing a supplier and DHGate is one of those platforms.

So, can you use DHGate as a reliable alternative to Aliexpress?

What Is DHGate?

DHGate is an online marketplace featuring independent drop shippers and Chinese wholesalers. When you source products through this platform you are essentially buying from one of the suppliers.

However, DHGate processes the transaction. Unlike other platforms such as eBay, DHGate offers refunds on all products purchased through their platform. By April 2018, there were more than 10 million products to choose from as well as approximately 1 million registered suppliers.

Just like Amazon, customers also leave behind reviews. Therefore, it’s easy to determine the reputation of any seller on the platform using the reviews.

Also, this platform offers buyer protection. For instance, if your order fails to arrive or has some issues you can request a refund. Most people who source products on this platform usually sell them on Amazon, eBay and other online platforms.

Electronics and wedding dresses are among the top-selling products on DHGate. Unlike Alibaba, there are no minimum order quantities for more than 90% of the products on DHGate thus, making it a great place to source products for dropshipping.

You will also notice that their prices are lower compared to other dropshipping sites. And since it’s not as common as Aliexpress or Alibaba you will get unique products.

How It Works

Buying through this platform is easy and straightforward. Even though you will be placing your order on the platform, you will be buying from a third party seller whose products are listed there.

As noted earlier, DHGate takes care of the transactions. They will notify you when your order is ready and immediately after it has been shipped. Most suppliers on the platform offer e-packet shipping which means you will be notified once your shipment arrives if you use this option.

Once you pay you will deal directly with the seller. However, DHGate can intervene if there is ever an issue or you raise a complaint. If you are unhappy or you are not satisfied with the products you have received you can contact DHGate and they will be extremely helpful.

But it’s also advisable to contact the supplier first and try to resolve the issue with them. Shipping takes approximately 1 to 4 weeks for a package to arrive in the U.S, Canada, Europe or Australia.

However, you need to be aware that shipping through China Post is slower than e-packet. If you are buying in bulk it’s advisable to use FedEx shipping or DHL.

Final Thoughts On DHgate

DHGate is a viable alternative to AliExpress if you are looking for low-priced products from China. The site is legitimate, offers buyer protection and you can find millions of products to choose from.

Furthermore, there are no minimum order quantities which means you can order any amount depending on the size of your business.