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Digital Marketing Trends That Will Impact Business In The Holiday Season

The MasterCard SpendingPulse Report for the year 2018 indicated that consumer spending reached a six-year all-time record of $850 billion. For retailers, holidays have the potential for huge profits. However, if you’re a retailer and you’re not aware of the digital marketing trends that will impact business during the holiday season, it’s likely that your business will not be profitable.

Here are the digital marketing trends to look at if you want the gift of profits during the holiday season.

The Customer Journey Is Vital

If you employ short term approaches for reaching out to customers, you’ll only achieve less than half what you could achieve by focusing on long term strategies. This is what many retailers learned in 2018.

Instead of trying to woo customers with deals and offers, you should instead work with long term goals that focus on the customer journey. The importance of loyalty throughout the year will reflect during the holidays when online purchases by customers who are loyal increase your revenue.

What this means is that if you provide your customers with exceptional yearlong experiences, during the holidays they’ll give your brand priority.

The Convenience Of Online Purchases

According to the E-commerce Times website, last year, holiday shopping reached $126 billion and more was spent online than ever before. This happened from November 1 to December 31 and was a 16.5% upward jump compared to the previous year.

Online sales have continued to grow steadily and this growth is happening more rapidly when compared to retail in general. People find online shopping to be highly convenient, especially during the holiday rush.

Most shoppers are getting cozy with online shopping due to the convenience and this is a trend that businesses must keep in mind when putting in place a holiday marketing strategy.

Mobile Shopping Is Increasing

According to Adobe Digital Insights, in 2018, more than 51% of online shoppers preferred to use their handheld devices to make online visits, with more than 30% of online sales happening through smartphones.

What this means is that while holiday shopping is on the upswing, there’s a huge upsurge in people shopping online and more specifically on their phones. More and more people are abandoning the traditional shopping experience for the convenience of online.

Moreover, the difference is that many are using their mobile devices to shop. As a result, digital marketing should give more focus on mobile. Therefore, if you haven’t yet started making your holiday marketing mobile responsive, you need to start sooner rather than later.

Customers Prefer Personalized Shopping Experiences

More digital marketers are realizing how important personalization is during the holiday season. Customers are more interested in trust and loyalty than in incentives. There’s also increased competition for a share of the online market, especially during the holiday.

Couple this with high customer expectations and it means that marketers have to put in extra efforts for these expectations. Using data to comprehend customer expectations can be a huge determinant in getting the all-important business.

Therefore, data is a major trend to watch out for in the digital marketing sphere.

Final Thoughts On Digital Marketing Trends

During the holidays, if you want to stand apart from other retailers and e-commerce merchants, you must be exceptional. To be exceptional, you must be conversant with digital marketing trends that will have a huge impact on business.

You can win the battle of the digital marketing space when you do your research well. This is why it helps to refine and retarget your digital marketing approach. Plus, you should continue driving your marketing through strategies that will allow you to reach your customers more effectively.