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Using Feedback To Drive Innovation That Customers Really Want

While most businesses work very hard to listen to what their customers are saying and then set up products based on what they hear, this is hardly ever sufficient. This is why it’s essential to find ways for customers to make a connection with businesses to share information that can assist the business in delivering products or services that customers genuinely want. This is the best way to drive innovation.

The Importance Of Feedback Channels

It’s becoming necessary to have customer outreach programs that can be used to actively get feedback to drive innovation. Feedback channels are highly resourceful and are the voice of the customer.

These channels work effectively to provide businesses with insights from the customer’s viewpoint. This can help in the development of new products that are in agreement with the current and future needs of customers. No doubt collecting the right feedback from customers is quite a task.

Even after the information has been collected, it’s still difficult to comprehend how to act on the feedback that has been gathered. Nonetheless, this is a very crucial step in the innovation process of any product.

Customers Will Communicate Their Needs

Survey Monkey carried out research where 90% of consumer respondents talked about how important it is to listen to customers as a way of driving innovation.

What this means is that businesses should not speculate about what their customers consider as worthwhile because customers are very willing to tell them.

However, feedback will not always be constructive or intelligible. This is why businesses must look for the right information to become innovative enough and deliver what customers actually desire.

The important thing is that one way or the other, customers will communicate. However, businesses must be ready to listen and determine areas that require improvements.

Activating Customer Viewpoints

The most important approach in the use of customer feedback for driving innovation is the activation of customer viewpoints. Once you gather feedback, it’s very important to assess that. Then, find ways of incorporating the feedback into product requirements.

It’s equally important to determine what feedback will be a waste of time and what feedback will be valuable. Differentiating between solid feedback and feedback that is of no value is very important. Listening helps you to hear over and over again exactly what customers want.

Once you have heard what the customer is saying, you can then activate their viewpoints. The best approach for innovation is to ensure that you have diversity in the feedback you’re getting. This is why cultural intelligence is important.

Final Thoughts On Using Feedback To Drive Innovation

Anytime you see negative feedback on your social media profiles, get a phone call from a complaining customer or get a visit from an irate customer, you should not dismiss them. You should listen to them and determine if what they’re saying can add value to your innovative processes.

When customers are involved in the entire process of your product development, it helps you to channel the feedback you get into innovation that they really want.