engaging instagram captions

Why You Should Create Engaging Instagram Captions

Instagram is one of the major social media platforms that gives you a profitable opportunity to market your products or services to a more targeted audience. While a picture can say a thousand words, including engaging Instagram captions of up to 2,200 characters in your photos can increase your engagement rates.

An Instagram caption is an opportunity to use a call-to-action and entice followers to tap “more” and read about your tips, blog articles or product updates.

Here are some reasons why you should create engaging Instagram captions.

Makes Photos More Delightful And Shareable

Instagram is a powerful marketing tool for marketers who want to use visuals. The fact that you can post engaging photos on Instagram, increase your number of followers and generate qualified leads from a targeted audience is a bonus to your brand.

But, the hard work doesn’t end with capturing beautiful photos and editing them perfectly. A caption helps you give a voice to your Instagram photos.

You can delight your followers and make the photos more shareable by explaining what the photos are all about and encouraging your audience to take action through captioning.

A Chance To Inspire Conversions

Writing engaging captions by following the 2, 200-character rule for captioning on Instagram can be challenging as the captions cut off in the feeds of users after a few lines of text.

The beauty of it is that you can front load your caption content with calls-to-actions (CTAs) and leave any other extraneous information for the end. A short and clear CTA increases the share potential of your Instagram post.

Therefore, using engaging Instagram captions is an opportunity to inspire conversions through CTAs or the use of action verbs. You can achieve this by asking a question and encouraging users to click on a link in your bio. You can also invite users to tag their friends or inviting followers to join a contest.

Opportunity To Tie Different Conversations Together

You can create engaging captions on Instagram by including the right hashtags effectively. A hashtag is a powerful way of tying conversations of different Instagram users into one stream.

Therefore, anyone who searches for the hashtags you include in your Instagram captions will find your post. This is provided your Instagram account is public.

The best hashtag strategy is to limit your hashtag usage to at least four trending hashtags. Proper usage of hashtags in captioning will help you connect users who aren’t otherwise connected. Especially, if they seem to be interested in the same events, brands or topics.

You can make your captions more user-friendly and more valuable by using hashtags at the end of the captions.

Engaging Instagram Captions Help You Portray The Personable Side Of Your Brand

While LinkedIn prefers a more serious jargon-heavy tone, Instagram is the perfect platform to engage with your followers by using a lighthearted, fun tone. This means that the words you use in your captions should authentically show off the personable side of your business.

For example, that is why a brand such as Wistia uses a lighthearted voice when giving “virtual high fives” to their followers and wishing them a lovely weekend.

Writing the right Instagram caption to go along with your photos can be challenging to beginners. But, by following Instagram’s best practices and keeping your captions clear and concise, you’ll soon expand your reach.

Furthermore, since most Instagram users tend to skim through their feed quickly, it’s important to optimize the length of your content accordingly. Therefore, you need to include the most catchy emojis, hashtags and trending words at the beginning of your Instagram captions.