etsy search analytics

How To Use Etsy Search Analytics

Search analytics is one of the SEO tools available to Etsy sellers. The feature provides information about the terms that shoppers use to get to your listings. Your Etsy search analytics are useful in helping you optimize listings to suit search queries.

With new listings going up every day, rankings shift constantly and you have to find ways to adjust yours accordingly. The insights from search analytics can guide you on how to tailor listings.

You can also learn the performance of your sales and how to boost them. If you want to use Etsy search analytics to improve your listing optimization, know which data to expect and how to apply it.

How Etsy Search Analytics Work

Etsy search analytics are easy to access. Sign in and on the “Account” icon, find the Shop Manager, click on “Marketing” and then go to the “Search Analytics” button. Then, set the period you want to review. Etsy allows you to receive data for up to several years.

Note that search analytics doesn’t integrate information from Etsy ads. The tool collects analytics from Etsy search engines. It includes visits to your shop during a specified period.

You get the average order value from buyers during a certain time frame. The analytics also show you which clicks turned into orders and the total revenue your Etsy account generated during a chosen period.

So, what can you do with the information derived from search analytics?

Adjust Tags To Suit More Queries

Etsy search analytics tells you the phrases and words that shoppers use to end up on your listings. This data gives you valuable information about what buyers are looking for.

You get to learn how appropriate the tags on your listings are and if they need any improvement. Analytics on search queries give you an insight into your target consumers which is critical when structuring tags.

You can also expand or narrow your tags to increase the number of shoppers that find your listings and the frequency.

Structure Listings To Increase Conversions

Search analytics show you which tags attracted visitors and which of those spent money. Analyze the queries that bring in the most sales and use that information to adjust your listings.

Various aspects influence the success of a listing and these include product descriptions, pictures and quoted prices. Search analytics makes it less complicated to know which listings to focus on.

Sometimes all it takes is the right keywords or fresh content. Furthermore, track the changed listings to see if they generate favorable results.

Optimize Listings To Generate More Visits

An effective listing shouldn’t just show up on search results but should also compel people to click. The more clicks, the higher the chances of a purchase. Etsy search analytics can show you how well your listings match with queries and the click rate within a chosen period.

Irrelevant keywords are some of the reasons your listings are ranking well without generating clicks. You can use Etsy search analytics to alter tags and keywords to suit shoppers.

The right Etsy tools can help you improve your listings, their ranking and by extension, better conversions. Etsy search analytics are designed to do just that. The data collected through search analytics helps you comprehend the activities of shoppers better.

Although it’s not a guarantee that your search ranking shoots up, you get to improve the chances of better placement. Therefore, understand the value of search analytics and use them to optimize listings.