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Do You Love Vintage? Create An Etsy Thrift Store & Earn

Etsy is a reputable online marketplace that brings together sellers of unique products and potential buyers. In other words, this is the place buyers can find craft supplies, vintage goods and handmade items. Therefore, if you’re passionate about vintage items, you can start earning from your passion by creating an Etsy thrift store.

Here is a guide on how to create your own Etsy thrift store for selling your unique goods.

Define Your Brand

Define your brand as you curate your Etsy thrift store. You can choose to curate your Etsy store around a certain decade or period or simply dedicate it to aesthetics.

The Maryland-based store, Guermantes Vintage, owned by Janine D’Agati is a perfect inspiration for budding entrepreneurs who want to create a store that is curated around a certain decade.

Janine’s luxurious Etsy thrift store stocks gorgeous vintage items with a focus on the 1920s and 1930s.

You can achieve whichever look you desire for your Etsy store through professional photography, as well. For instance, try a minimalist approach if want your focal point to be the curation of your vintage items.

Or, photograph your vintage items with a few colorful backdrops and props if you want a more eclectic, fun style.

Curate The Things You’re Passionate About

Curate the things you love when thinking of ideas on how to stock your Etsy store. Anne Heide, who owns the 1919vintage shop, based in Wisconsin, curates her Etsy thrift store around her own personal taste.

In fact, if you’re attracted to the items in your store, then you’re on the right path to creating a successful store on Etsy with a unique point of view because no one else can be you.

Be Organized When Running Your Etsy Thrift Store

Ensure that your vintage store’s studio and inventory is well-organized at all times. The time you spend on getting yourself organized upfront will save you several hours of quality time in the future.

Make sure that every item you list in your store is complete and safely stored. For example, fold your knits and sweaters neatly to preserve their shapes instead of hanging them. Moreover, organizing your inventory will help a lot at tax time when you need to account for unsold inventory estimates.

Become An Expert

Apart from having gifted hands in discovering the best vintage finds and passionate about identifying time periods, you need to be knowledgeable in your niche.

Take enough time to research extensively on different terminologies and everything else you need to know about the vintage items you specialize in.

For example, knowing the difference between the Japanese vintage kimono and dolman will legitimize you to online shoppers and make the process of tagging your items easier.

Use Social Media To Market Your Store

Use the right digital marketing strategy to drive qualified leads to your Etsy thrift store and boost sales. Ensure you know where your audiences like hanging out so you can get in front of them where they are.

Budget your marketing dollar wisely to avoid making costly mistakes that may eat into your profits. In addition, you need to account for your time when pricing your vintage items.

With an Etsy thrift store, you can sell a range of items such as paint furniture, vintage bowls, jewelry or anything you find at the thrift store. As long as your item is handmade, hand-finished, vintage and unique, you can sell it in your Etsy store.

Instead of just selling to a few customers in your neighborhood or locality, you can earn from your passion by selling vintage goods to the entire world.