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Why You Need A Facebook Content Calendar For Your Posts

A Facebook content calendar is a working document used for scheduling what you will post on your Facebook page for a certain time. This could be for the following month and then you can break it down into more detail such as per week and then per day.

It’s usually in spreadsheet format but you can use other templates too. A well maintained Facebook content calendar will help keep all your marketing efforts focused on the same goal.

It allows your team to view campaigns as intertwined and in unity for a similar narrative across the board as well as gives a uniform focus toward your social media strategy.

Here are some reasons why you need a Facebook content calendar.


With a Facebook content calendar, you can plan your marketing efforts and visualize what your content strategy will look like over a certain period. This helps you to stay organized and avoid the last minute rush or failing to post at all because it slipped your mind.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to plan your marketing efforts around special dates in your industry and know how you can coin your posts to fit these days. Where there may be holes, it allows plenty of time to fill them with relevant content.


Using a Facebook content calendar to plan before time will allow you to create a consistent content flow that keeps building up towards your ultimate marketing goals. Moreover, you’ll establish a unified voice for your brand as an expert in the industry.

The team leader plus the team, all know what plan there is for Facebook and this helps the whole team speak in one voice and work towards the same goal, giving your posts consistency.

Also having a schedule for updates and posts ensures that you continuously feed your fans with relevant content.

Saves Time

Having a calendar saves you time just as having a to-do list does. When you plan your schedule for posting plus the content to post, you’ll be able to do things promptly.

People tend to spend more time creating content haphazardly and under pressure as opposed to when they have the time to do it. Calendars prepare you for what you’re going to post in the future.

Therefore, you know when next there’s demand on you to post as well as the content required in advance and therefore have ample time to research. You don’t need to quickly develop content on the go.

Final Thoughts On Why You Need A Facebook Content Calendar

There are endless benefits for having a Facebook content calendar. It helps reduce the need to dig for information to create informed content.

You can look across your marketing efforts and make proper decisions for your next post as you write your current ones. There’s a lot of work involved in planning months of content distribution but with a properly organized calendar, you cannot be thrown off balance with the demand for content.

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