Facebook Messenger Ads

How To Use Facebook Messenger Ads To Boost Conversion Rates

Since it was launched, messenger has been a good channel for businesses to communicate with their customers and offer customer service. Facebook expanded the marketing avenue for marketers by allowing them to show ads directly on messenger. The ads allow businesses to initiate conversations with customers and prospects. This article highlights some of the ways you can use Facebook Messenger Ads to boost conversion rates for your business.

Product Suggestion

One way you can use messenger ads is to show your customers and prospects product suggestions based on what they purchased in the past or viewed on previous interactions with your company.

Many customers tend to forget about the company soon after the first purchase and thus it is essential to engage them. Only send suggestions of products they may be interested in, otherwise you will be spamming their inbox and this can cause them to block you.

When you send the product recommendation, ensure that you include a call to action for them to buy or visit product pages for more information.

New Blog Alerts

Whenever you publish a new article, you can invite your followers to read it using messenger ads. Thus, Messenger can be an effective way to drive more traffic to your website.

However, just like purchase recommendations, ensure that you send new blog alerts based on the customer’s past interactions with your company. This will boost the conversion rates and keep your company from being labeled as spam.


Facebook messenger can be a great way to solve cart abandonment issues. If a customer left your site at checkout or visited the site but never took action, you could start a conversation with them on messenger and get them to complete the process.

You can make use of the platform to explain to them the unclear facts and guide them through the process of buying. It is also an effective way to discover the shortcomings of your business that are driving your customers away.

Email Subscribers

Another great use of messenger is to grow your mailing lists. Get people who have engaged with your business before, to sign up for your mailing list. Just like Facebook Messenger, email is another effective marketing tool that every business should be using.


Holding a business event? Consider creating ads to notify those who would be interested in the event. It is easy to miss a Facebook post announcing an event but messages can never go unnoticed.

Discounts And Coupons

Another great way to use messenger is to notify your customers and prospects of coupons and discounts. Customers love to save on their purchases and thus it is unlikely that they will ignore such messages.

Final Word On How To Use Facebook Messenger Ads To Boost Conversions

Facebook Messenger Ads are an effective way to engage your customers. You can also use them to retarget your lost sales and inform people of discounts and sales.

However, note that engagement is only possible when you send messages that the customer actually wants to see. Users are able to block your business if you spam their inboxes with irrelevant content or send too many messages at a time.

Thus, check the quality of your messages and avoid sending too many ads.