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The Benefits Of Using FeedBack Genius As An Amazon FBA Seller

As an Amazon FBA seller, getting reviews for your products or brand is a priceless scope of the business. It’s through these reviews that you’ll gradually start building trust and influencing people’s buying decisions. So, investing in Feedback Genius, a software that helps you get more customer reviews, is one way of optimizing your online presence on Amazon.

What Is Feedback Genius?

FeedBack Genius is an incredibly valuable tool for Amazon FBA sellers created by Seller Labs. Once you integrate your Amazon account with FeedBack Genius, you can specify a certain schedule for sending out a series of emails to each of your customers.

Although sending out these series of emails manually is doable, the task will not be practically scalable as your business grows. You can actually generate thousands of customer reviews by creating and sending out a series of emails to the buyers of each product.

Helps Generate Customer Reviews

You should come up with an effective formula for creating enticing emails when asking your customers to leave you unbiased product reviews. A quick online search of FeedBack Genius email templates is a great way to start. Alternatively, consider editing some of program’s built-in templates.

You need to make the emails original and unique by putting your own spin on them. In fact, most people get bored with promotional emails that they receive from digital marketers all the time.

So, it really depends on how creative you get with your emails for them to be opened. For example, you should send your customers an email a few days after a product has been delivered to ask them about their experiences.

Asking your customers if they have any issues with your products is an indirect way of asking for an honest review.

Helps Build Customer Relationships

Building customer relationships is very valuable for online businesses. As an Amazon FBA seller, you should focus on building strong customer relationships for your business to be a sustainable investment. Reaching out to your customers by sending them emails helps build those valuable customer relationships.

In the long run, your customers will feel valued and start developing deeper connections with your brand. Online shoppers only buy from brands they trust and thus you need to convince them to trust your products.

Helps Monitor Negative Feedback

A single negative feedback can ruin your Amazon FBA seller account. Therefore, it’s very important that you respond to the negative feedback right away. With FeedBack Genius, you’ll be instantly notified of the negative feedback through your email address and cell phone number.

Your ability to respond to customers as soon as possible demonstrates how you value your customers’ opinions. It’s through that high level of customer service that your business will build a stable base of loyal customers.

FeedBack Genius Includes Message Analytics And Reports

The tool allows users to monitor the performance of their email campaigns. You need to choose the “Analytics” option on the Messages tab to view the three graphs that show how your recent email campaigns have been performing.

For instance, the Clicked Rate % graph will give you a rough idea on how effective your emails’ calls to actions are. However, due to Amazon’s recent changes on the usage of tracking links, accessing such data has limits.

In the Reports tab you can find valuable Feedback reports that will show you your account’s monthly statistics and the amount of seller feedback you generated. You can also view the remaining allotted monthly emails through the Recent Usage Report.

With FeedBack Genius, you can automate the process of sending out email campaigns to your customers. A few years back, websites such as Snagshout and Vipon relied on incentivized reviews to generate more customer reviews.

But, since Amazon cracked down on the practice in 2016, FBA sellers have to find better ways of getting reviews from their buyers. FeedBack Genius will help you set up an automatic email follow up sequence. This can increase the number of reviews you get from your buyers.