FeedbackWhiz: An Amazon Seller Tool To Monitor & Manage Feedback

As an Amazon seller, scaling your sales is the secret to growing your online business. FeedbackWhiz is designed to help Amazon sellers repair feedback, automate high-volume emails and improve their product reviews. In this article, you’ll learn how to optimize your Amazon business by monitoring and managing feedback with FeedbackWhiz.

Why Use FeedbackWhiz

Getting product reviews requires you to invest in a solid system. With FeedbackWhiz, you have an effective customer follow up. The tool has appealing email templates that allow you to send out engaging emails to encourage your customers to leave you honest feedback.

Furthermore, you can add custom auto-fill variables such as the recipient’s name, product image and order ID. You’ll also have a chance to view how your emails will look in real-time with your products.

Order Management

The tool’s Order Management is designed to help Amazon sellers save time and improve productivity. This means that it helps you manage and monitor your order database with ease.

You simply need to sync and integrate order metrics and customer data into a single screen platform. Once all your data is accurately filtered, the process of managing and tracking it becomes more efficient.

In addition, you can take advantage of the available order metric to search for orders. Some of its key features you should utilize include Find Repeat Buyers, View Delivery Status, View Promotional Orders and Advanced Search Engine. The Shipping and Buyer Info feature gives you vital insights into their customer data and tracking numbers.

FeedbackWhiz sends engaging emails to each order regardless of whether the user is a first-time customer or repeat customer. The stats, content and emails are all automatic. This means using an intuitively designed Order Management solution will help you save enough time to focus on selling.

The tool gives you an automated feedback system that allows you to track and intermingle more with your customers. Getting positive feedback from your customers continuously will help increase sales and maximize revenue. You can also set up FeedbackWhiz to alert you every time you get negative feedback so you can manage it and prevent it hurting your business.

Furthermore, the tool has intelligent data analytics that you can utilize to create effective campaigns for attracting new customers. The data analytics will act like a guide when creating engaging email content and effective delivery methods in order to receive more positive feedback.

Feedback Repair Management Tool

With the Feedback Repair Management Tool, you can quickly respond to negative reactions from your customers and improve your product offering. Of course, not everyone will be happy with your products or shipping process.

Therefore, you can quickly respond to the unsatisfied customers to know why they’re not happy with your products in order to make the necessary adjustments. The key features of this tool include Track email sent, negative feedback notifications, Feedback removal notifications and Feedback analytics.

Pricing Of Feedback Whiz

Their Starter plan starts at $14.99/month. Advanced users or experienced Amazon sellers with established stores should consider the Ultimate plan that starts at $199.99/month. Before you make your subscription, consider searching for their coupon codes online to save you some money.

Creating eye-catching emails and getting product reviews can be a challenging process, especially to new Amazon sellers. FeedbackWhiz comes with a comprehensive tutorial to guide you on how to optimally use their advanced features in managing feedback. In other words, it’s an intuitive order management suite with innovative technology to help Amazon sellers grow their businesses.