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How To Create Fresh Content On Pinterest With Tailwind’s SmartGuide

You may have heard the buzz that Pinterest has made some changes and is now encouraging all account holders to publish fresh content on a regular basis.

In fact, account holders who re-pin the same content that’s already available, too often, may see a suspension of their account or other types of penalties. There are no exact guidelines to this on Pinterest but it would make sense to publish fresh content as often as you can.

SmartGuide To The Rescue

Luckily for all regular Pinterest users, Tailwind has released a new tool in partnership with Pinterest called SmartGuide. If you have a Tailwind subscription, this new tool is absolutely free and available on your dashboard.

It’s a very clever tool that will monitor your Pins and let you know if you need to take any action to adjust your marketing. This tool will also advise you on some best practices to allow you to increase your reach.

The All Clear Badge

When using the SmartGuide, you’ll now see an ‘all clear’ badge every time you schedule a new pin. This tells you that you’re pinning fresh content in line with Pinterest’s new guidelines.

If you aren’t already using Tailwind for your social media marketing, they have a free trial of up to 100 pins so you can take SmartGuide for a test run before committing to a paid plan.

If you really like the tool, then a monthly subscription to Tailwind is only $14.99 per account per month. Plus, you’ll get a discount if you pay for a yearly subscription.

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Some Tips For Creating Fresh Content

It’s not always easy to come up with fresh content on a regular basis, but here are some tips to make it easier:

  • Use a slightly different image when you pin the same content to different boards.
  • Add some text to your images to give them a fresh new look. You can easily do this with Canva which is another easy to use tool.
  • Try out different titles and descriptions to see which ones resonate the best with your audience.
  • Take different elements from your blog posts to create new pins. This could be a different image for each pin or a different snippet of content.

Best Practices For Resharing The Same Pin

Pinterest’s new guidelines don’t mean that you’re now not allowed to reshare pins, especially when it makes sense. One of the best reasons to re-pin the same content is if it’s seasonal and will likely only be searched for once or twice a year.

You might also want to reshare an older pin to move it further up the board. This allows your new followers to see it easily. Don’t do this too often but it’s feasible to try this strategy a couple of times a year.

On the other hand, if you have older pins that you want to bring to the attention of your new followers, why not refresh them. Add an updated image and adjust the title and description a little and you have totally fresh content to share.