google merchant center

Explaining The Google Merchant Center

The Google Merchant Center (GMC) helps brands make their products searchable across Google. That means shoppers can easily find your products whenever they search for your store or product on a Google property.

Merchant Center helps store owners ensure that potential customers find up-to-date details about their products such as price and availability. Therefore, with Merchant Center you can upload accurate product info across paid and unpaid channels in order to show your products to potential customers.

What Are Shopping Ads?

In order to reach your potential customers across Google, you need to enter your store and product info into Google services such as Shopping Ads.

Some of the advantages of using Shopping Ads include:

  • Attracting and reaching the right potential customers while they’re searching for your products on Google
  • Controlling your store’s product information by maintaining the freshness and accuracy of the information you provide

In order to surface your store’s products via Shopping Ads, in over 40 eligible countries where the Shopping Ads service is available, you need to link your Merchant Center and Google Ads.

How To Show Products Across Google Platforms

Searchers on Google will be able to see your products on platforms such as Google Search and Google Images when you opt to have your product info across these platforms. This free program allows you to have a product data feed in your GMC account.

Since Google uses for generating automatic feeds by scanning websites, it’s also advisable to have structured data on your business site.

GMC Registration Requirements

GMC registration is a multi-step process because the Merchant Center integrates with various Google ventures on the Google property. Vital registration requirements include:

  • You should have an existing Google account
  • A verified business site within GMB
  • A GMB profile that adheres to Google’s GMB guidelines such as valid physical address, secure checkout process and technical support
  • Full product information such as pricing and shipping info that is available in an acceptable format on Google such as XML or TXT files
  • An ecommerce platform integration for syncing all the data required by Merchant Center

Setting Up Your GMC Account

GMC allows users to upload their product listings for use across Google such as Google Commerce search and Google Shopping. Hence, if a searcher is looking for a product on Google Shopping, they’ll see items uploaded to GMC.

Remember, you have to use Google to book Product Listing Ads to advertise on Google Shopping. The Product Listing Ads is a paid Google service powered by Adwords.

Final Thoughts On The Google Merchant Center

GMC helps online stores or businesses to use a single dashboard in managing their online presence across all Google products. Therefore, through the Merchant Center, you can make vital changes to your online listings whenever necessary.

The primary objective of GMC is to help you upload and maintain your product info such as pricing and product images that should be displayed to online shoppers in Google Shopping searches.

In order to give businesses enough control of their digital marketing strategies, especially on Google, GMC also integrates with other Google-based ecommerce services such as Google AdWords and GMB.