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Understanding Google’s New Ad Layout & Its Impact On Online Marketing

Google’s new ad layout was announced during the Google Marketing Live event held on May 14th in San Francisco. Several important changes were unveiled during the event including the introduction of SEM gallery and Discovery ads, smarter bidding, app deep linking and expanded text ads.

Text ads will now have up to three headlines, thirty characters for each headline and a total length of three hundred characters for each Ad. The overall effect is a larger and more detailed ad that is available on multiple devices and on all Google Ads User Interfaces.

Here’s how Google’s new ad layout is likely to affect your online marketing efforts.

Increased CTR With Expanded Text Ads

Expanded headlines with more characters have been shown to increase CTR by up to 20%. This is because internet users will have more information with which to make a decision.

Therefore, depending on how well you provide details, you can influence buyers to make a positive decision regarding your brand. The higher CTR will mean greater conversions, better organic rankings, higher email open rates and other benefits.

Greater Visual Engagement With Gallery Ads

Site owners can now increase engagement with customers through visuals. This is because Google has now introduced Gallery Ads which allow site owners to add photos that customers can swipe through to view products and services.

Google has made changes that allow for the uploading of 4-8 images with a 70 character description per page, as well as up to three unique test headlines.

Gallery ads are only available on mobile for now, so website owners will need to optimize both photos and text for greater engagement.

Greater Reach With Bumper Ads

Site owners can now reach an even greater number of customers and influence purchasing decisions thanks to the introduction of bumper ads by Google.

These are short six second ads that help you to create awareness about your product and grab searcher’s attention before they move on to another search result.

Bumper ads have a 145% higher search intent than longer ones. In addition, they’re extremely affordable as Google charges for every 1000 ad views.

Improved Customer Experience With Google Shopping

Google shopping is now powered by Google Merchant and Text Ads. It allows customers to search for and purchase products directly without having to visit retailers’ websites.

This significantly shortens the time it takes to make a purchase and makes the whole process easier. It has several advantages for retailers as well. These include better conversion rates, clear customer intent, more qualified leads and others.

Retailers will need to create both Ad words and Merchant accounts in order to use Google Shopping.

More Organic Traffic For Local Stores

It’s a known fact that 76% of all customers who conduct a mobile search for a local business visit a listed store within 24 hours. Google has now unveiled changes. These will allow local ads to appear directly on the surface of Google maps. This is instead of having them in a side bar.

This ensures that advertisers’ sites attract more traffic and ensures an increase in conversion rates.

Final Thoughts On Google’s New Ad Layout

Google’s new Ad layouts will have a significant impact on online marketing and other processes in the sales funnel. Site owners can expect more conversions, greater traffic, more qualified leads and other benefits.

Shoppers will enjoy faster searches, improved shopping experiences and product recommendations whenever they conduct a search.

The new ad layouts will improve overall user experience for both site owners and visitors. Ultimately, this will ensure that digital marketing is as seamless and as effective as possible.