holistic marketing approach

Understanding The Holistic Marketing Approach And Why You Need It

If most of your marketing strategy’s aspects are interrelated, it’s advisable to consider embracing a holistic marketing approach. Under the holistic marketing approach the development of various marketing programs such as designing campaigns and implementing marketing processes are cohesive business functions.

In other words, you’ll make marketing decisions and implement marketing campaigns based on the motivation to achieve a common goal.

In this article, you’ll learn more about the holistic marketing approach and why you need it.

The Philosophy Of Holistic Marketing

The holistic marketing approach is based on the philosophy of holism which considers a business and all its parts or departments as one entity. Therefore, as an interconnected entity, all its marketing activities should be focused towards achieving a common objective.

The philosophy of holism gives a shared purpose to every person and activity related to your business. Just like a human body, your business has different parts that must work together in order to achieve one specified goal.

Therefore, it’s assumed that enforcing an integrated perspective that enforces the inter-relatedness of your marketing efforts helps attain the best results.

Features Of The Philosophy

A common goal: A business and all its parts or personnel should be aligned towards achieving one goal.

Aligned activities: All business processes and services should be channeled towards a common objective.

Integrated activities: All business activities and communications should be designed in a manner that creates a seamless customer experience.

Components Of The Holistic Marketing Approach

Relationship marketing: The purpose of relationship marketing is to develop healthy business relationships with all stakeholders.

Integrated marketing: The marketing activities of integrated marketing such as digital communications, public relations and direct marketing should work in sync.

Internal marketing: Your internal marketing processes should focus on solving the specific problems of your customers.

Societal marketing: This is a socially-responsible approach of marketing. This means that your business should extend its reach beyond your customers.

Why You Need A Holistic Marketing Approach

Brand building: Customer buying behavior has greatly shifted from believing in products into believing in brands. Therefore, by embracing a holistic marketing approach your business is capable of building a brand among all the concerned stakeholders.

Consistency: Being consistent in your marketing will help you stay relevant in the market for longer. A holistic marketing approach will help you maintain that consistency because a brand markets to all involved stakeholders.

Efficiency: Taking care of every aspect of your business through a unified strategy helps reduce and eliminate repetition. This will make your business more efficient and reduces costs. An efficient business is capable of spotting potential threats in advance and tap into new business opportunities.

Effectiveness: Focusing on the big picture will help you create an effective brand synergy which positions your company strategically in the minds of your customers.

A holistic marketing process focuses on accounting for the considerations of all business stakeholders including the customers when implanting various marketing strategies.

Due to the ever-increasing market competition and high rates of saturation, the concept of holistic marketing is increasingly becoming popular. With the holistic marketing approach you can effectively create departmental synergy in your business and set yourself apart.