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How To Easily Find The Hottest eBay Products To Sell

Every seller on eBay wants to find hot products to sell that will not only move fast but also give high profits in return. The key to being successful on eBay is really not just finding hot products but finding products that sell over and over again. Here are a few tricks to help you find the hottest eBay products to sell.

Choose Your Category For The Hottest eBay Products

In selecting the category of items you will sell, you need to select a category that you’re familiar with and will be most comfortable selling. This means you may need to select a category of products that you have used or have worked with before.

For example, if you’ve worked for Apple or have used their gadgets long enough, you may want to sell their products. After selecting the category, select the subcategory which in this case may be cell phones, iMacs or Apple tablets.

Having knowledge of the product will help you know the questions you will ask the supplier as well as what you will tell the customers.

Filter Your Results

When you’re on the eBay site, on the left-hand side of the page, there will be numerous options for filtering your search results. Select “New” under the “condition” icon. This will specify that you’re dealing with new and not used items.

Then under format, select “buy now”. This means that you’ll only consider the items that are not being sold on auction. It’s important to avoid auction items as they’re usually sold only once.

For delivery, click-free shipping. Bestsellers on eBay always know just how important offering free shipping is for their selling power.

Choose And Vary Your Products

Always pick multiple products so that you can variate yourself. You can find a number of products in one category, then pick another category that you’re knowledgeable about and get a few more products in this category.

Once you have a sizeable list of strong products, choose the very best of them and order form your supplier and then start selling. Finding high-profit hot-selling products will help you grow your business.

However, you need to have a product category and list that is adequate and reliable. Moreover, selecting a product category that you only have to find and then order once but which will produce guaranteed sales over time, will help you make good profits.

Final Thoughts On Finding The Hottest eBay Products To Sell

Many people sell profitably on eBay but it requires having more than the capital to purchase and the means to deliver. You need to cut your cost as much as possible to ensure that your retail price is not eaten into by hidden costs.

Ordering products that are below $10, for example, ends up being too costly and reduces the profits you’ll get from them. The fees you should expect include 10% from eBay and 5% from PayPal.

Therefore, you’re better off sticking to products selling above $10 and below $75 to be safe and to make a decent profit.