How To Drive Traffic To Your Shopify Store

How To Drive Traffic To Your Shopify Store And Increase Sales

Launching an online business on Shopify is always a great accomplishment. However, even if you are selling high-quality products, you may struggle to make sales if your site is not receiving enough traffic. The more traffic your Shopify store is getting, the higher the sales it can generate. Here are some proven strategies on how to drive traffic to your Shopify store.

Use Facebook Ads

Facebook ads provide an easy way of driving traffic to a Shopify store. To succeed, you need to test various ads and then come up with a working formula. Once you identify a winning strategy, things will get easier.

When testing a Facebook ad you need to experiment with various things such as copy format, products and images and then identify the one that converts best. Also, you need to ensure that you have attention-grabbing and vibrant headlines that will stand out. Apart from that, make sure you use the right keywords for your ad copy.

Write Blog Content

Even though it may require some time, blogging is a great way of driving organic traffic to your e-commerce store especially if you are on a tight marketing budget.

It will take approximately 4 to 6 months of consistent blogging for your articles to rank across various search engines. But if your content is relevant and valuable, the results might come even sooner.

You also need to install an SEO plug-in into your Shopify store to make sure that your blog posts are highly optimized. While creating your blog posts ensures they are at least 1,500 words and they include images, videos and internal links.

Use Instagram

With approximately 800 active users per month, Instagram remains one of the best social platforms to promote an e-commerce business. According to a survey published by HootSuite, more than 60% of online businesses are already on Instagram.

If there was ever a time to invest in social media marketing, then it’s now. If you want to drive traffic to your store using Instagram, then you first need to concentrate on growing your account.

Post at least 4 relevant and high-quality images per day. Also, comment on posts of highly engaged followers and follow them. If you don’t have the time to run your Instagram account, then you should hire a professional and the results will be worth your money.

Ask For Customer Reviews

Customer reviews achieve two main purposes. They help to boost conversions while improving your search engine ranking. Google crawls your site frequently to see whether you have added fresh content for ranking.

Even if you don’t update your product pages regularly, Google will use customer reviews as fresh content, thus improving your site’s ranking. Apart from that, customers leaving positive reviews are highly likely to refer their friends to your business, thus leading to more sales.

Master Email Marketing

You can also increase sales on your Shopify store through email marketing. Most online entrepreneurs tend to focus on new customer acquisition instead of concentrating on their existing ones.

However, you should avoid that mistake at all costs. Use email marketing to retarget customers that have already purchased from you and there is a high chance that they will come back for more. They might even refer their friends.

Final Thoughts On How To Drive Traffic To Your Shopify Store

As an online seller, you have to know how to drive traffic to your Shopify store to ensure that you make regular sales. Using the above traffic tips will help you to steadily increase the traffic to your store and take your business to the next level.