how to get backlinks from infographics

How To Get Backlinks From Infographics For Your Ecommerce Store

In ecommerce some of the well established online entrepreneurs you’re up against have experienced teams of SEO experts, social media analysts and massive digital marketing budgets. Therefore, in order to succeed you need to strategically invest in tactics that they’ve probably overlooked or don’t know about, such as getting quality backlinks from infographics. Here are tips and ways on how to get backlinks from infographics for your ecommerce store.

Leverage Social Media

In today’s digital age, social media is a powerful channel for you content marketing campaign. The buzzwords on these major social media networks are interaction and interactivity.

So, arouse the curiosity of your fans and followers on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter by sharing your infographics. Ensure your social media infographics have an outstanding and eye-catching design.

Also, include links to some of your ecommerce store’s product pages in the infographics before you post and share.

SEO Rules

If you want to drive more traffic to your ecommerce store by building backlinks through infographics, then you need to conduct an SEO search for the right keywords and content to use.

You need to come up with a list of the most popular terms that most people use when searching for your topic, business niche or products. Create your infographics based on the terms you’ve gathered and observe SEO best practices.

Work With Established Bloggers

An established blogger with a credible online presence can help you get quality backlinks for your ecommerce store. Moreover, a great way of spreading awareness about your online store is through well-known bloggers in your niche.

A renowned blogger who has a significant amount of readers visiting his site on a daily basis has the potential of getting you backlinks through infographics. Email these bloggers and ask them to share the infographics. Make sure you include a link to your store and watch your sales grow.

Create Catchy And Informative Infographics

The main purpose of an infographic is to deliver your content in a much more appealing and unique manner. An infographic is your visual representation of the content you intend to share with your audiences.

However, you have to make sure that you don’t overlook the look and feel of your ecommerce store’s website design.

Remember, an online shopper’s first impression is through the eyes. So, your infographic must be catchy and informative for it to be accepted on authoritative websites.

Additionally, if you manage to post quality and valuable infographics on major websites such as HubSpot and Forbes, you’ll also get quality backlinks for your ecommerce store.

Final Thoughts On How To Get Backlinks From Infographics

Investing in a tried and tested content strategy such as getting backlinks from infographics will drive massive traffic to your online store. Don’t feel intimidated about the way your biggest competitors are implementing their digital marketing strategies.

Instead, focus on creating catchy and unique infographics and start getting high-quality backlinks to your store. Infographics are so popular nowadays and can quickly go viral on different channels including social media.

So, leverage the power of infographics to build backlinks and enhance your ecommerce store’s SEO.