How To Start An Etsy Shop

How To Start An Etsy Shop And Create Another Stream Of Income

Whether you design wedding invites, knit cozy hats or sell mid-century treasures at local flea markets, Etsy is a great place to open an online shop and create another stream of income. When you open a shop on this platform you will be joining a community of global creatives such as curators and craftspeople. Here are some tips on how to start an Etsy shop.


Before opening any business it’s always advisable to conduct some background research and the same applies to Etsy. Start by conducting a basic search on the products you intend to sell on the platform.

Check the shops that stand out and then look at their total number of sales since they opened. Pay close attention to the number of products they have listed as well as the keywords they have used to describe their items.

You need to note that you are not trying to copy another shop. Instead, you are analyzing the factors that have contributed to their success and then use them as inspiration.

Choose A Name

Once you have acquainted yourself with the basics and you feel that you can succeed on this platform you should proceed to choose a name for your store. Selecting a name remains a huge challenge especially for new sellers.

As much as it can be disappointing to find your preferred name has been taken already, don’t let it stop you from launching your store. If you are still stuck at this stage try adding your location, initials or anything else that can make your name unique.

You also have the ability to change the name of your shop one time after you’ve opened.

Set Clear And Attainable Goals

Chances are that you already have some great plans for your shop. Goals help you to focus on what is ahead. They also direct you throughout your journey.

However, it’s easy to get burnt out in your quest to pursue your lofty goals. If you want to avoid such problems you need to identify small and manageable milestones that will lead to a major goal.

As you focus on these small and manageable tasks you will find it easier to remain motivated and ensure that your shop succeeds.

Consider Keywords

When a potential customer is looking for a product on Etsy they usually start by typing keywords phrases or words into the search bar. Therefore as a seller, you need to think like the customer and identify the keywords that will bring these customers to your shop.

First, you need to create a list of possible keywords that customers would use to find your shop. Once you have those keywords, isolate the strongest. After that, you should go to your product listings and then plug in these keywords.

Promote Your Shop

Once you’ve created your shop, listed the products and added the necessary keywords, you might be tempted to relax. However, you should remember that the products will not sell themselves.

Therefore, you need to promote your store as aggressively as possible. You can pin your products on Pinterest or promote them on Facebook and Instagram. You can even start a blog for your store.

Final Thoughts On How To Start An Etsy Shop

Starting your own store on Etsy is easy if you have a plan and a clear set of goals. So now that you know exactly how to start an Etsy shop, get started. Take it one step at a time and before you know it, you’ll have streams of happy customers buying your products.