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Why You Should Optimize Your Product Images For Image Search

Image optimization for image search is about reducing the size of your images while not compromising on the quality to ensure that your page load time remains low. For Google, it also entails telling it what your image is about as its crawlers can’t ‘read’ images.

Most people, when optimizing their content, often forget that images are also a part of the content. Furthermore, they forget that besides Google, there are other search engines like Bing, Pinterest and YouTube.

Below are the reason why you should optimize your product images.

It Improves You Site’s Loading Speed

How fast your website loads depends on factors such as website layout and design as well as the website’s hosting server. One of the heaviest files that could slow your website down is your images.

The heavier the images, the slower your site will get. Since the optimization of your product images is about reducing them as much as possible, optimized images yield higher speeds.

There are numerous tools to help you analyze your site’s speed and give you complete insights about your page. They include PageSpeed Insights by Google, Web Page Test and Imagekit, among others,

To Boost Conversions

According to research conducted by Kissmetrics, 79% of shoppers who are dissatisfied with the speed or performance of a website never buy from that site again.

Therefore, optimizing your product images boosts conversion as it will help capture more users from search engines and in turn increase the conversion rate.

Many users of search engines have no time for pages that take ages to load. And, search engines know this. So, for your site to be a landing page and possibly rank highly on the SERPs, your loading time must be reduced to the lowest possible.

It Enhances User Engagement

To websites that provide a great experience for their users, a happy customer is not a myth. Happy customers translate to engaged customers. When you optimize your product images, it improves your site’s loading time hence provides a better overall user experience.

Moreover, if your page is loading faster even on mobile devices, users will spend more time there and the chances that they are going to come back to your site are high too. When your customers are satisfied and spend more time on your site, user engagement rate will increase too.

It Improves SEO Ranking

Top search engines like Google and Pinterest do not like slow websites, just like their users. Since 2010, Google has been taking into account a site’s speed in their search rankings.

Thus the faster your website is, the higher it will rank on SERPs. Therefore, image optimization is of great significance when it comes to how well your site appears on the SERPs.

Image Search Is Becoming More Popular

Another reason it’s important to optimize your images is because a lot more people are now using image search to search for the products that they’re wanting to buy.

For example, when you right click on an image, you can quickly select ‘search Google for image’ and a Google image search will open up in a new tab.

Now, if your product images are well optimized with the correct alt tags and descriptions, it’s highly likely that your website or store will appear near the top of such searches. This can greatly increase the traffic to your store and in turn, boost your sales.

In conclusion, the importance of optimizing your product images cannot be over emphasized. This is because images are an important component of your content. Internet users are looking for specific photos in specific instances, therefore optimizing your images will go a long way in improving your performance on search pages.

Moreover, although Google still takes the lead in online search, sites like Pinterest that focus only on images cannot be ignored. Therefore, don’t miss the chance to rank higher by optimizing your site’s images.