impulse buys

Why Impulsive Buys Are A Bonus For Your Shopify Store

Encouraging impulsive buys is a profitable strategy for online stores. Therefore, as a Shopify store owner, you can take advantage of this tried-and-tested marketing tactic. You can do this by placing inexpensive products on the checkout page. Alternatively, you can find ways of convincing shoppers to grab your discounts and deals.

Point-of-purchase product placements will definitely increase your sales through impulsive buys. Here are the reasons why impulsive buys can be a bonus to your Shopify store.

Online Shoppers Judge Themselves As Being Better Than Average

Typically, every average online shopper will tend to judge himself less harshly or measure his progress against that of his peers.

For instance, many people believe that they can always lose weight by buying exercise equipment or signing up for a gym membership. This means that they don’t consider the lack of motivation to work out but simply rely on the vision or intent to get back in shape.

This is often mirrored in the way most people behave while shopping online. Therefore, as an online store owner, you can leverage this idealized future. This will allow you to boost sales through impulsive buys.

People don’t necessarily make impulse purchases because the items are useful or of good value. Your customers can simply purchase certain products from your Shopify store if you creatively tap into what they consider the future holds for them.

In some cases, shoppers can also be tempted to make impulsive purchases if you strategically make them feel that your product is a once-in-a-lifetime deal. This approach is lightly referred to as the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO).

Shoppers Don’t Liken Shopping With Having A Conscious Intent

People are always developing the growing need for instant gratification as a consequence of today’s rapid advancements in technology. In all honesty, even the savviest online shoppers don’t extensively research every item they intend to purchase online.

Hence, since these online shoppers can easily gravitate towards the perceived value of an item in a natural manner, you can take advantage of this consumer behavior. You can create complimentary gifts, discounts and bulk promotions.

In other words, you’ll sell more goods in your Shopify store by giving out free gifts with a purchase or by introducing bulk buys.

People Are Conditioned To Save Time And Money Which Is Great For Impulsive Buys

Humans are naturally conditioned to engage in activities or invest in systems, processes or products that will eventually help them save time and money.

Even early man depended on hoarding daily essentials as a survival tactic. While survival is not a modern-day threat, every human being has a biological drive to save in his/her unconscious mind.

Therefore, in order to encourage more impulsive buys, you need to position your products as time and money savers.

According to research by Ogilvy Action, 70% of shoppers make purchase decisions while at the store. Interestingly, even the smartest shopper falls for an impulse buy.

So, you can create irresistible “extras” and introduce amazing discounts to encourage unplanned purchases. This will increase your Shopify store’s sales. In order to take advantage of impulsive buys, you need to position your products and digital marketing campaigns accordingly.