inclusive marketing

How Inclusive Marketing During The Holidays Is Important And Beneficial

Inclusivity is a business practice where the marketer thinks about people who might otherwise not be targeted in a marketing campaign. An inclusive marketing campaign recognizes diversity and eliminates cultural bias.

When you’re preparing your marketing for the holidays, think about various factors including immigration status, race, class, sexuality and gender. Here’s how inclusive marketing during the holidays is important and beneficial.

You Reach A Wider Audience

Americans are very good at commemorating certain holidays. For example, even children might recognize Halloween and Black Friday. However, an entrepreneur should interact with clients and learn a lot from their culture.

For example, not many Americans celebrate Giving Tuesday, Indigenous People’s Day and Small Business Saturday. For example, you could prepare a webinar on Yom Kippur and have it recorded for someone who could not join you live.

Such an initiative will mean that your audience is expanded. Especially, as you reach out to groups that would otherwise have been marginalized.

You Build A Diverse Business Team

Be ready to hire staff with inclusivity as one of your criteria. The reputation of your business matters and you don’t want to be associated with recruitment bias. It should be noted that having a diverse team will mean diversity in ideas and modus operandi and this will mean that your probability for success is enhanced.

Again, you should avoid hiring people with a similar demographic, similar thinking and backgrounds.

Helps You To Exploit The Importance Of Imagery For Holiday Marketing

It’s easy to overlook how to use imagery. Planning with inclusivity in mind can help you come up with a holiday campaign that uses imagery in the right way.

When you’re thinking about imagery, think about the alternatives for people who are physically challenged. Do not leave them out of your campaign. When it comes to the right use of imagery to promote inclusivity in your holiday campaign, seek the help of a developer or a designer.

Helps You Avoid A PR Nightmare

A significant number of PR nightmares emanate from lack of understanding a certain culture. In such scenarios, a business ends up sending out messages which are not only insensitive to certain groups but also demeaning.

The problem with a PR nightmare is that what you have struggled to build for years, can go down in one week. The best thing is to prepare your holiday campaigns with cultural sensitivity in mind. Otherwise, your business will not survive.

Conclusion On Inclusive Marketing

If you want to have a sustained business for the long term, then your brand must resonate well with people of all backgrounds and cultures. America is unique due to its diversity.

Even Americans themselves in different states are going to have different cultural characteristics. Your success in sales during the holidays will depend on your ability to take into consideration all groups of people.