instagram branded content ads

How Ecommerce Businesses Can Use Instagram Branded Content Ads

Instagram branded content ads let marketers pay so that influencer posts appear as ads. In this way, they can reach a wider audience. Until recently, if you paid an influencer to market your brand, your products were only limited to the audience that follows that particular influencer and in few occasions, reach a little wider because of shared posts.

Now, posts can be made by creators and influencers under paid partnership tools by Instagram to appear as advertisements do. This means that marketers can promote organic, branded content as feed ads.

Therefore, e-commerce businesses can take advantage of influencers to endorse their products and thus win the trust of the influencer’s followers as well as beyond that reach to people who do not follow them.

Eventually, the influencers will gain more followers with this exposure and at some point, you will not need to pay for the partnerships with Instagram for their posts to appear as ads. Here’s how your e-commerce business can use Instagram branded content ads:

Get Started

First, creators of branded content need to enable their business in order to promote their story or post as an ad. This is available on Instagram advance settings. After accessing permission, you can tag your business in the creator’s and promoter’s stories and posts.

You can then go to your advertiser profile in your Instagram account and select the icon above “edit profile” to select “Business Settings”. If “required approvals” option is on, you’ll see “approved accounts”. Select this and then add the creator’s Instagram handle. If it’s off, there are no further steps you need to take.

Now, with the settings done, anytime an influencer creates a post and tags the business, they can opt to allow the business partner to promote. This will allow you to promote the organic branded post as an ad.

Campaign Set Up

When creating ads from branded content, you have the option to either use the Brand Awareness Objective, video views, traffic or engagement objective. If you’re not very conversant with the various objectives, you can learn them on Ads manager.

To continue creating the ad, select Instagram feed at the audience step. In the branded content icon you can see all the posts that the creator has granted you permission to promote. Pick the one you intended to promote, preview and finish the creation process.

Creating New Branded Content Post

From the Instagram app, select a video or photo and then add the accompanying effects, filters and caption. Before clicking “next” to share the content, select advanced settings to add the branded content tag into the post.

Under the partner permission section, select the ‘allow business partner and promote button’. This will give the business permission to promote your branded content post.

Final Thoughts On Instagram Branded Content Ads

Instagram has over 2 billion users, 68% of whom say that they come to Instagram to interact with creators. This is the reason why Instagram has decided to take advantage of these statistics to create branded content ads.

It exposes creators’ content to Instagram users who don’t even follow them, thus exposing your business to a wider audience beyond your followers and those of your influencers. In the era of social media and the powerful word of mouth marketing through influencers, it’s a great marketing tool to embrace.