instagram carousel ads

How To Effectively Use Instagram Carousel Ads For Advertising

With over 500 million users, Instagram Stories provides attractive opportunities for businesses to advertise. Instagram carousel ads are features available on the social site that advertisers can employ in their campaigns.

Carousel ads were first present on Facebook, but now you can use them on Instagram Business too. The advertising format allows you to have multiple products in one ad. Then the viewer has to swipe left to see the next one.

Furthermore, clicking on a carousel ad directs you to the landing page of the business site. You can create a carousel ad with videos or images. The structure of carousel ads makes them an effective marketing tool on a visual-heavy platform like Instagram.

So, how can you leverage this ad format for maximum effect?

Pick The Ideal Format

Instagram provides advertisers with two carousel format on Stories. A native carousel which displays all of the cards automatically. This eliminates the need for viewers to swipe. This format is available for full-screen creatives and suitable for full-length commercials. Each ad can have up to three cards.

On the other hand, expendable stories allow the user to tap through the different cards. The format has a maximum of ten cards. They are available for non-vertical creatives and appropriate for mobile audiences.

With each format, you get a single CTA for every ad and any card view counts as one impression. You can opt to have one destination for all cards or have multiple destinations for each one. Consider all this when deciding which carousel ads would suit your marketing goals.

Tell Creative Stories

If your Instagram carousel ads are to attract the attention you desire, they have to be sufficiently compelling. Don’t just put together a sequence of images and videos hoping to generate leads.

Online users have short attention spans, so your adverts have to make them want to stay longer. Telling a story is always an effective way to market. Give the audience something to stimulate their imagination and relate to.

With four or five images, you can weave a tale that audiences will associate with your brand.

Leverage The Large Canvas

You have more space to work with on carousel ads. The multiple-card option allows you to experiment a bit with your advertisements. Traditional rules like the 20% text in ads don’t have to limit you.

With up to ten cards to use, you can have as much content as you wish. Instagram allows you to set images in a particular order which provides continuity.

Tease Audiences With Instagram Carousel Ads

Carousel ads provide excellent opportunities to tease your audience. You can show snippets of the content that you want people to see. For instance, you can have images and quotes from a blog to tease about an upcoming post.

Additionally, carousel ads are ideal when looking to give customers a sneak peek for a new product. An ad can contain specs, photos and video clips to show audiences what to expect. Furthermore, teasers keep people interested.

Instagram carousel ads are changing how businesses market on the social network. The ad format lets you have several cards that take viewers to a chosen destination with a simple click.

You can use carousel ads on Instagram for numerous campaigns such as product launches, blog content and customer testimonials, among others. Therefore, understand how the different carousel ads work and select one that aligns with your marketing needs.