Integrate PayPal

How To Integrate PayPal Into Your Chosen Ecommerce Platform

An increasing number of people are now opting to purchase goods and services online instead of physically going to the store. This means that ecommerce stores have to integrate a payment gateway to make it easy for their customers to make purchases. If you have an online business, here are some simple steps on how to integrate PayPal into your store.

Create A PayPal Button

Regardless of the nature of your business, you first need to create a PayPal button on your site if you want to use this method of payment on your platform. The good news is that PayPal offers a wide range of buttons to suit different businesses.

With PayPal, users can easily buy goods from your store without exposing their privacy details. Also, they can either pay directly from their accounts or use a credit card attached to their PayPal accounts.

As you can see, PayPal provides a win-win situation both for the entrepreneur and the customer. You should also note that you can create a customized PayPal button which PayPal will replace with its own in your store.

Once you have finished filling in the rest of the details such as taxes you need to charge or shipping costs, then you just need to click “Create Button” and generate a code for your link.

Insert The Paypal Button Into Your Store

PayPal makes it easy to integrate its button on any ecommerce site. If your site is HTML-based, then your work will be even easier. However, ensure you invest in great graphic design so that your customers don’t struggle when it comes to finding where your PayPal button is located.

You can position the button on any place on your site. However, it’s advisable to place it under a product or at the bottom of a page. Customers will then use PayPal to pay for the goods when they are checking out.

If you use WordPress, you can also use various plugins which will make this far easier. With Shopify it’s even easier, as paypal is already integrated and you just have to link your paypal account in the payment settings.

Managing Inventory

If you are logged in with your official PayPal account when creating the button, you can add various options and then tweak them later. Once you integrate PayPal into your ecommerce store, it will not allow customers to place any more orders if you have run out of stock.

Luckily, PayPal will always notify you when you are running low on stock. Also, you can log in to your PayPal account and tweak buttons you had created earlier. You can also customize your payment page and the checkout from this section.

These customizations play an important role since they provide your customers with a personalized buying experience.

Final Thoughts On How To Integrate Paypal Into Your Store

Once you have integrated PayPal into your ecommerce store, customers will not require a PayPal account to use credit cards on your site and buy goods. They just need to provide the required credit card details and PayPal will take care of the rest.

Even though setting up a PayPal payment gateway in your store can be challenging, it will make your work easier especially when it comes to payment processing.