Interactive Voice Response

The Benefits Of Interactive Voice Response For Ecommerce

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automated telephony system that relates to callers, gets information from them and routes the call to the right recipients. The system incorporates the combination of touch-tone keypad and voice telephone and then provides appropriate responses as a callback, email, voice or fax.

The Interactive Voice Response System will often consist of telephony equipment, a database, software applications and supporting infrastructure. It can be run in-house by an organization who purchases the hardware and software required or go through an IVR hosting service and pay a monthly fee.

The application provides pre-recorded responses for appropriate situations, access to relevant data, signal logic and possibly the ability to record. It also uses dual-tone-multi-frequency signals as the line for communication between the computer and telephone.

Here are some of the IVR benefits for E-commerce.

Increased Customer Service Efficiency

IVR increases customer efficiency in two ways. One is that first contact resolution is increased as clients are always directed to the agent in the appropriate department who is best capable to handle their situation and meet their needs.

Since agents in the various departments are used to handling streamlined situations and questions, they are more proficient in meeting specific needs and solving specific problems as assigned. They will rarely refer you to another agent. Consequently, this increases customer service efficiency.

Increased Professionalism And Reduced Operational Cost

For E-commerce businesses, customers do not walk into shops to make purchases. They only do so online. However, some customers will still make numerous calls for inquiries and such.

With the IVR system, you will not need to hire a receptionist or customer service agent to sift through people’s questions and know which department to redirect the phone call.

Therefore, it’s very affordable and has a high return on investment. Also, you don’t need to worry about how professionally your customers are being received. You will use the IVR system to professionally receive them and extract information from them.

Interactive Voice Response Offers Increased Customer Satisfaction.

Generally, IVRs are easy to use with options for most common languages. Therefore, your customers can navigate through the instructions and will never end up talking to the wrong agent.

People end up with frustration if they have to talk to someone else over and over and have to narrate their situation repeatedly. IVR deals with that and makes the process straight forward.

In a short time, your clients end up talking to the right agent in the appropriate department to handle their situation correctly. This saves the customer’s time and leaves them happy.

The benefit of anything you install for your e-commerce business should always surpass the cost of investment. However, it’s not easy to quantify customer relationship and satisfaction.

The effect of it is long term and has a lasting effect on the business. The IVR systems take care of both the short term and the long term needs of your e-commerce business. This is because it touches not only on the daily operations of the business but more importantly, the customers.