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5 Liquidation Websites To Find Products For Your Amazon Store

Liquidation websites are great platforms for Amazon sellers to purchase products at very deep discounts. While these liquidation sites are very profitable, they can also be risky to inexperienced sellers who may purchase products with little resale value. Here are five liquidation websites to find profitable products for your Amazon store.


This website offers different types of clearance lots. You can obtain new or used products by box, pallet or truckload. Some of the most popular lots on the platform include industrial equipment, electronics, apparel and vehicles.

The online auctions on the site allow buyers to start their bids for merchandise at $100 without reserve. However, you can bypass the entire auction process and use the “Buy Now” function to purchase items.

You must be a registered member to access the auctions and start bidding. In addition, you can arrange to receive product notifications each time products of interest are added to the website. When making huge transactions that exceed $5,000 or shopping, as an Amazon seller from outside of the US, you’ll be required to make payments through wire transfer.

2. Quicklotz

Buyers have access to multiple sizes of liquidation lots such as pallets, truckloads and cases. Hence, this is a great liquidation site for both individual buyers and online stores interested in buying wholesale.

Some of the fast-moving merchandise on Quicklotz include Gadgets, vehicles, electronics furniture, sporting goods and apparel. All these products are arranged into six main product categories.

3. 888 Lots

This website has more than 30 product categories with over 100,000 products. Although the various lots on the site have fixed prices, buyers can negotiate with the sales reps on the site. As a potential buyer and new member, you must fill out a customer application form before you can start shopping on the site.

If you’re based in the US, you must provide a valid resale certificate. Customers from outside of the US, on the other hand, are required to provide a valid business registration.

You can either buy individual products or go for the larger lots. For discounted shipping, access to more products and higher credit card payment limits, you need to subscribe to their paid plans. This is the same site that operates Miami Lots, which is another profitable platform that offers Amazon’s Lost & Found inventory.

4. Source

Source is another great liquidation auction website that offers inventory from reputable retailers. The site has several closeout suppliers and local wholesalers listing their items.

Buyers use the site’s five quality filters to get more information about an inventory’s condition before bidding. You can access thousands of used items, brand new products and customer returns on the site.

However, the website has very strict rules regarding penalizing buyers with unpaid auctions. So, before you hit that bid button on any merchandise, ensure you read all these rules carefully. For instance, you’ll be fined $50, if you fail to pay within 48 hours after bidding.

5. BlueLots

BlueLots has partnered with reputable brands and manufacturers based in the US to help in the liquidation of excess inventory. The site makes a profit by charging ecommerce retailers a small fee to help them liquidate their excess stock.

Prices for products on the website are fixed, not negotiable. So, as an Amazon seller with fixed capital, this is a great site to check for new products daily and budget wisely.

While viewing the new products on the website doesn’t require you to be a registered member, you must register to get a full view of inventory manifests. You need to provide a resale certificate to make purchases if you’re based in California.

Final Thoughts On Liquidation Websites

In order to maximize your chances of succeeding as an Amazon seller, you need to be smart when sourcing items to sell in your store. Liquidation or clearance sites that sell liquidation stock are great places to get started. On these sites, you can find stock such as excess inventory and customer returns or products packaged for businesses only, not consumers.