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How To Make Social Media Videos In 5 Easy Steps

Video is one of the most effective online marketing strategy. According to a 2016 HubSpot survey, 43 % of consumers are more interested in video content than any other type of digital content. However, creating interesting social media videos that can increase viewership is more challenging than designing images or blogging. Therefore, here are five easy steps on how to make social media videos.

1. Brainstorm Ideas

Some of the effective ways you can come up with creative ideas include the following:

Evaluating your blog posts: If you run a blog or have a blog section on your website, analyze the performance of your recent posts in terms of engagement. Any blog post that resonates well with your social media audiences is great content for your next social media video.

Analyze the most shared content: With an interactive tool such as Buzzsumo, you can find and study your most shared content. Once you enter your URL into the tool, you can study the list of shared content in terms of number of shares or based on different social media platforms.

For example, if you intend to create a Facebook video, then consider sorting the list by Facebook engagements.

Analyze popular social media videos from similar brands: Look around to see what topics or trending conversations are popular at the moment. Facebook’s Pages to Watch can help you find out the right Facebook Pages or top posts to check out. This section is available at the Overview tab under Insights on your Facebook Page.

2. Plan

Start planning on how to execute your idea. You can either create a storyboard or write a video script. Planning will help you think through the right flow and important video aspects you need to include in your creation.

Ensure you create videos that capture attention within the first few seconds because video content on most social media networks auto-plays. Therefore, you need to start with your most captivating elements, identity, brand message and an engaging post copy.

3. Record

Recording your social media videos is the most fun part. You can start recording your first social media video with a Smartphone. With just a few tricks and tools, you can record high-quality videos for your social media marketing strategy.

You can also use the video-editing mobile apps to get the best visual and audio quality. Find a nice colored background for your video. Be sure to find good lighting before you start recording.

4. Edit

There’s a wide range of video editing tools you can use to put together your recorded video clips. While Animoto is great for slideshows, consider Quik if you want to edit on-the-go.

In fact, Facebook recommends Quik for users who want to find the right highlights and add effects or music to their social media videos.

5. Share

Finally, start sharing your videos on your preferred platform. Consider Buffer’s Tailored Posts in order to schedule different video formats to each of your social accounts. Tailored Posts help you post social media videos to all platforms at once, from a single place.

Final Thoughts On How To Make Social Media Videos

People watch videos everywhere — when commuting, at work or at home. Facebook prefers silent videos because a large percentage of this content on the platform is played on mobile.

Also, landscape videos take up less space than square and vertical videos when the Smartphone is held vertically. Therefore, it’s also crucial to know the right video specs for major social networks when making social media videos.