Merchinformer: Research Software For Amazon Merch Sellers

Merch by Amazon is a program that launched in 2015 as a print on demand (POD) display place for designers to monetize their skills. So, if you have some experience and skills in design you can also apply to join the platform and start making money off your skills. As a Merch seller, you can optimize your research processes with Merchinformer.

Automate Your Research With Merchinformer

Your chance to succeed on the Merch by Amazon platform largely depends on how you research niches. Once you understand how the Best Seller Rank (BSR) and copyright issues work, it’s important that you master how to research accurately.

Since research is so wide and can consume so much of your valuable time, consider using the Merch Informer tool. In fact, you need to automate such a repetitive task so you can free up enough time to dedicate to your designing.

With Merch Informer, you can quickly pull up a list of bestseller ranks in the bestselling keywords. Since it was launched in 2016, Merch Informer has transformed the way Merch sellers conduct business.

How To Get Started

Merch Informer has a user-friendly interface which makes it a suitable software utility for both beginners and experienced Merch sellers. You only need a valid name, email address and credit card information to sign up.

Once you become a member, you can sign in from anywhere to access video resources with information on how you can optimally use Merch Informer’s features.

Finding Keywords

The process of finding relevant long-tail keywords and t-shirt ideas for your next design can be overwhelming. But with Merch Informer, you can quickly find tons of phrases that contain your keyword.

You simply type in the desired keyword in the search box and Merch Informer’s Keyword finder module will automatically generate relevant results.

In other words, the tool will give you results of what buyers see when they search for your keyword. Therefore, using Merch Informer is a great way of finding the right design ideas for your listing. You’ll also be able to see the competition level and CPC for each keyword.

Product Search

Analyzing different products in your niche can be a confusing process, especially for first-time Merch sellers. But with Merch Informer, you can avoid that nightmare and save time by finding a list of top 100 products.

From the product search, you’ll find a lot of valuable information about each product including ASIN, BSR, price, features, reviews and description.


For an affordable price that starts at $9.99/month, you get a helpful online tool that enables you to find all the niche-related data you need. You won’t have to struggle with the process of finding and organizing keywords anymore.

The creators of Merch Informer are successful Merch sellers themselves, Todor K and Neil L. So, you can rest assured of getting good value from people who fully understand your specific pain points as a Merch seller.

Users of the Newbie package get great optimization features such as Trademark Alerts, Favorites and Merchant Search. Premium users also get additional features such as Merch Tracker and Merch Hunter.

Merch by Amazon was initially started as a platform for designing and uploading t-shirts. However, currently you can expand your online business into an entire line of clothing including hoodies and sweatshirts.

Therefore, in order to transform the way you research and manage your Merch account, automate the research process with Merch Informer.