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4 Top Mobile Ecommerce Checkout Tips You Should Consider

As much as mobile devices have overtaken the desktop when it comes to internet access, the desktop still has a higher conversion rate compared to mobile. However, this doesn’t mean that you should neglect mobile users. If you want your business to grow, you need to focus on all your customers. So, how can you optimize your mobile ecommerce checkouts to boost conversion rates?

Here are some tips to consider.

1. Include A Progress Bar

A progress bar helps customers to know where they’re at in the entire checkout process. Properly-designed progress bars can enhance your conversion rate, thus increasing sales. On the other hand, if the customer doesn’t know how long the process is, they might end up abandoning the cart.

For instance, Topshop has a well-designed progress bar which is broken down into four easy steps – sign in, delivery, payment and thank you. Therefore, a visitor who lands on this site can clearly see the steps they’ll have to follow to complete the order.

2. Simplify The Process

Most mobile shoppers usually have an urgent need for something they’re purchasing. Also, they might have already checked out that product on other platforms and compared the prices.

Therefore, these are shoppers who want to complete a purchase as fast as possible. If they encounter any challenges in the checkout process, it’s highly likely they’ll abandon your site and look for options elsewhere.

To avoid such issues, you can undertake some simple optimizations such as allowing customers to add products to their shopping carts directly from the search results page. Maplin has already implemented this feature.

3. Great Checkout Accessibility

If you want to boost the conversion rate of your mobile e-commerce site, then you should make it easy for visitors to enter the checkout section and purchase the products they want. All buttons involved in the checkout process should be clearly visible.

For instance, if you visit a company such as Mango using your mobile device, you’ll notice they will display a popup every time you place an item in your shopping cart giving you a link direct to the checkout area.

With this provision, you can add products as you shop or even go straight to the checkout area. Some mobile ecommerce sites also feature a shopping cart icon on the top of the screen showing the number of items that have been added to the cart as well as a link that goes directly to the checkout.

4. Provide Guest Access For Mobile Ecommerce

Forcing visitors to create an account or sign in to complete a checkout can lead to frustrations. In fact, most online shoppers will abandon your site if they must create an account to proceed with the checkout.

Therefore, it should be optional and not compulsory. Instead, you should give them the option of completing the checkout process as guests. For example, Urban Outfitters has included a guest option on their checkout page.

Once a visitor lands on their site, they have the option of signing in, signing up or even completing the checkout process as a guest.