net promoter score

How To Use The Net Promoter Score To Measure Customer Loyalty

The Net Promoter Score is useful in regards to the growth and development of your business. It’s important for you to know what your customers think about your company. The growth and revenue of your business are vital components that you should consistently take into consideration.

Ultimately, they’re directly related to the level of your brand’s customer loyalty. Thus, measuring customer loyalty is imperative to know how your business is doing and the improvements you need to make to foster more expansion.

The Net Promoter Score is a reliable tool for measuring customer loyalty. Learn how you can use this tool to effectively measure your company’s customer loyalty.

The Detractors

The Net Promoter Score is based on a question that customers answer regarding whether they would recommend your products and services to friends or colleagues. It’s from this score that you’re able to analyze the feedback.

After the survey, the score presents three categories of customers depending on their scores. Those who score the lowest are known as the Detractors. According to the results, the Detractors score from a scale of 0 to 6.

These are the customers who are not satisfied with your products and services. Although they are still with your brand, they’re not reliable because they’re not particularly happy with your products and services. However, they offer good information on how to make your brand better.


Passives are the customers who rate you from a scale of 7-8 and are generally happy and satisfied with your brand. However, their level of commitment is not beyond being mere customers.

This implies that they’re vulnerable to competitive products coming onto the market. If they come across alternative brands that offer them something different, they’ll opt to leave your brand for the competition.

Therefore, though they are satisfied with your brand, the level of customer loyalty among the Passives is quite low. From the Net Promoter Score, it’s evident that this is a category of customers that you can convert to brand loyalists if you identify the aspects that will improve their level of satisfaction.


Promoters are the highest-scoring group of customers according to the results of the Net Promoter Score. Essentially, the score is from 9-10 on the measuring scale. This high score is a representation of your loyal customers.

These customers are happy and loyal. Therefore they have a higher likelihood of purchasing from you many times. From this score, you can be confident that they will recommend your products and services to their friends and colleagues.

In other words, this category of customer is an important resource that contributes to your brand’s growth through their word of mouth recommendations.

Conclusion On The Net Promoter Score

Customer loyalty is paramount if your brand wants to grow. For this reason, you need to continually measure customer loyalty to know the opinions and feelings of your customers towards your brand.

Therefore, the Net Promoter Score is what you need to measure how loyal your customers are to your brand. After you’ve measured the level of customer loyalty to your products, you can strategize on how to boost it to a higher level.