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What To Look Out For When Hiring Offshore Marketing Talent

The cost of hiring an employee in the US is very high. Therefore, in order to save on cost and be able to afford a reliable employee, you need to consider the global labor market. The global market has a higher pool of job seekers and compensation expected is not as high as in the US. Here’s what to look for when hiring offshore marketing talent.

Set The Skills And Experience You Need

Firstly, don’t be in a hurry to fill a position. Instead, set a certain criteria for the skills and experience that you need. For example, if you want a developer, the most eloquent may not be the best for the job.

Instead of relying on what a candidate says, ask for the candidate’s profile and try to assess the feasibility and significance of a particular project claimed by the candidate. It’s another way of politely telling the candidate, “do not just make claims, give evidence”.

Check Out The Language Skills

Whereas anyone can learn and improve on their level of English, you need to ensure that the candidate in question does not have a language deficiency that would compromise the quality of the project.

An individual could be very bright in executing a project, but a barrier to communication will mean that you have to hire yet another employee to do the translating and this could be expensive to your business.

Video conferencing or a Skype interview can help you assess the language skills of a candidate and how feasible they are.

Why Ask For A Test

Prior to hiring an offshore employee full time, you should ask for a trial test. When asking for a test trial, state that the test will be paid and actually pay it.

This will cushion you from being accused of assigning potential candidates tasks and then using their work or ideas without paying for it. As far as possible, the test should be timed.

This will minimize the probability that the candidate does not access outside help to pass the test.

Other Skills And Things To Look Out For

You need to remember that some candidates may not be good at working in a different time zone. And no matter how good a certain candidate is, if he or she cannot comfortably handle different working hours as well as different sleeping patterns, then there’s no point going further with recruitment.

This is more so if the project warrants instant back to back communication. It’s also the case when offshore employees need to work as a team.

Lastly, upon settling on the candidate in question, ask the candidate how he or she would like to be paid. Other countries in the world do not have as many payment options as the US.

Conclusion On Hiring Offshore Marketing Talent

By the nature of the economies of other countries, you’re definitely going to get an opportunity to save on labor costs. However, don’t just be motivated by lower pay as a single factor.

Furthermore, if you can pay slightly higher than the average labor rate of the targeted country, you’re going to be better positioned for highly skilled and committed offshore employees.