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How To Create Likeable Picture Captions On Instagram

The key priority for marketing on Instagram is creating an interesting and creative bio that grabs your audience’s attention. However, in order to expand your reach, increase your follower count and boost your engagement rates, you need to create likeable picture captions for your Instagram photos.

The ability to convey your brand image through proper picture captioning is what makes an Instagram post successful. Here are ways to create likeable picture captions on Instagram.

Leverage The Power Of Tagging

According to a SimplyMeasured study, captions with @mentions receive 56 percent more social engagement compared to posts without the @mentions.

Including the @mention in your Instagram picture caption indicates the association that exists between your brand and the account. Plus, using the tag feature helps users to tag their friends in the picture.

In the “Photos of You” section of your Instagram profile page, you’ll also see all the photos your brand has been tagged in. Tagging creates a community where your followers can interact with other users who have mentioned your brand in their posts.

Tell A Story With Your Picture Captions

A short title is not enough for promoting a photo on Instagram, no matter how well-lit and appealing the photo is. But, starting your caption with a catchy story line can boost viewership.

In other words, you should always find ways of creating an engaging scene that resonates with your target audience. Remember, the purpose of your picture captions is to describe your photo candidly in order to boost engagement.

Therefore, your target audience including your followers, should be convinced to like your photo and even share it with their followers. People are naturally conditioned to relate with personalized stories and can easily be glued to your art if you start your captions with catchy stories.

You have a maximum of 2,200 characters to create a captivating story for your audience so use your words creatively.

Include Hashtags

A hashtag is a powerful social media posting tool that helps brands expand their presence on social media. Hashtags have the potential of exposing your content to a wider audience and helping you become more discoverable.

Proper usage of hashtags at the end of your captions will help you connect Instagram users who would have otherwise never connected.

Furthermore, users will easily find your Instagram posts when they search for a particular hashtag that you have included in your captions.

A successful example of the effectiveness of using hashtags is the #NoMaybes hashtag that Nike used in its Women’s World Cup campaign. The hashtag made Nike 12 percent more associated with the tournament than its own sponsor Adidas.

Keep It Simple

Make an effort to keep your caption simple and well formatted. In fact, avoid filler words in order to utilize all the 2,200 caption characters that Instagram allows you to use.

Your captions don’t have to be long to be meaningful. Most people won’t waste time reading long captions if the first sentence is boring. So, try to break up your caption with symbols and spaces in order to make them readable.

Apart from having a substantial Instagram presence, you need to create likeable picture captions. This will allow you to succeed on Instagram and grow your brand.

Since Instagram is a social media network that promotes visuals more than any other content type, it’s crucial that you create appealing photos. However, for your photos to be liked and shared, you need to create catchy captions to go along with these pictures.