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Forecastly: A Predictive Analytics Tool For Amazon FBA Sellers

Being an Amazon FBA seller is a lucrative online venture. However, in order to increase your profit margins, you need to know the right time to replenish your FBA inventory and the progress of all your shipments. Here is how Forecastly is a powerful predictive analytics tool for Amazon FBA sellers.

Predicts Future Product Demand

Forecastly is a predictive analytics tool that enables you to predict future product demand within a few seconds. So, you won’t waste several hours trying to figure out the right products to order through an inventory management spreadsheet.

Prevents Stock-Outs Nightmares

Stock-outs can quickly reduce your revenue and affect the growth of your Amazon business. Forecastly will alert you to reorder whenever you’re about to run out of stock. In other words, the tool ensures your sales keep rolling and your profits growing.

Prevents Seasonal Cash Flow Crises

Forecastly will help you know the perfect time to order for the peak selling season and the right products to invest in. So, you won’t experience accidental overstocks that tie up your cash. Apart from knowing the right products for your seasonal inventory, you’ll also know the right amount of products you need.

This Predictive Analytics Tool Enables You To Make Accurate Buying Decisions

Forecastly will give you a big-picture about the health of your Amazon FBA business. The tool will tell you how your business is performing in the rankings, how current orders are doing and how the Buy Box is behaving. This information will guide you in making accurate buying decisions so you can invest in products your potential customers are looking for.

In addition, the tool will give you precise month-end snapshots of your FBA inventory. Doing so will eliminate complex accounting processes from your schedule.

Using Forecastly will help you save time to focus on the more important tasks of your business and let the tool handle the other repetitive processes of inventory management. By tracking the costs of your inventory, you’ll have more ammunition for negotiating with your suppliers.

Forecastly allows you to customize your reporting settings so you can generate correct recommendations and estimates. The most crucial features you should consider taking advantage of in Forecastly include Advanced Replenishment Stats, Insightful Account Dashboard and Inbound Shipment Tool.

Pricing Of Forecastly

Forecastly gives new users a 14-day free trial. If you’re satisfied with the tool’s features, you can subscribe to the 3,000 orders per month option at $80. Or, you can go for the +25,000 orders pricing option designed for merchants.

Forecastly’s pricing is very cheap compared to the amount of money you’ll lose by not being able to troubleshoot your inventory management challenges. Running out of stock, especially on your bestsellers, means losing money. Since Amazon invests a lot of resources on product remarketing, losing sales will translate to lost leads and rankings.

Final Thoughts On the Predictive Analytics Tool Forecastly

Trying to use other analytic tools such as Excel to analyze your inventory and determine the amount of products to order can be a costly nightmare. With Forecastly, you won’t experience stock-outs or keep guessing where your shipments are. Therefore, avoid running out of stock and increase your revenue by investing in Forecastly for your Amazon FBA store.