What Is Priceyak And How Can It Help To Increase Your Sales?

Essentially, Priceyak is an advanced automation tool for Amazon to eBay dropshipping. It began 12 years ago and is still an incredibly powerful tool for online sellers. As an online seller, you would be fully aware that anything that can help you automate certain processes, saves you both time and money.

Here’s how this tool can help you increase your sales.

Helps With More Than Just Selling On Amazon

Diversifying your sales channels is important if you want to increase your overall sales. For this reason, Priceyak works with various selling platforms. Namely, Amazon (US, UK, CA & Mexico), eBay (US, UK & CA) and Shopify.

This means you can list identical products on all three platforms and increase the possibility of many more sales, depending on where your customers prefer to shop.

Additionally, you can source your dropshipping products from various platforms including Amazon (US, UK & CA), Walmart, AliExpress and Costco. This means that if one platform is out of stock, you can still have your orders fulfilled from an alternative one.

Offers Effortless Listing Creation

With PriceYak, listing creation has never been easier. All you need to do is enter the product ID into the tool and it will automatically create the listing for you. You can use either the UPC, the ASIN or whatever type of ID the platform you’re buying from uses.

You can set up fully customizable templates to make your listings totally unique. Plus, you can preview and edit all listings before they go live.

Yakpal Makes It Easy To Grab Listings From Retailer Sites

With the Yakpal tool, you can easily list products directly from retailer product pages. All you have to do is conduct a search for the types of products you want to list and this tool will then generate a list of matching products.

This makes finding great products to sell fast and easy.

Repricing Made Easy With PriceYak

Repricing is also a snap with the PriceYak tool. It allows you to set different pricing rules for each source which means you remain competitive and make sales. It also allows for marketplace fees and can round up to the nearest dollar, if that’s what you want.

With PriceYak, most price updates occur around every 20 minutes within a price change of any of your source retailers. This ensures that you’re always making a profit regardless of what happens on the websites of your sources.


Of course, the most time-saving feature of PriceYak is the auto-ordering function. What this does is automatically place orders on the retailer site as soon they’re generated in your stores. Plus, the tool automatically uploads tracking information to your customer’s order.

As you can see, with PriceYak, you can have an almost totally automated eCommerce business. All that’s left for you to do is find great products that you want to sell.

And, if you want a more hands-on approach, there are plenty of settings you can adjust and tweak to help increase your sales and profit margins.