product content syndication

Using Product Content Syndication To Build Your Brand’s Digital Presence

Today’s consumer is savvy and will research the products he or she wants to buy across various channels. Therefore, with the multitude of selling channels available to brand owners, it’s important that product information is consistent across all these platforms. That’s why product content syndication is so important.

What Is Product Content Syndication?

Product content syndication refers to syndicating identical product information across all selling platforms. Therefore, if you sell your products on Amazon, Walmart, Poshmark and through a Shopify store, the product page should have the same information across all these channels.

Identical product information should relate to:

  • Photos
  • Product descriptions
  • Bullet points describing your products
  • Important product specifications
  • Product warranty information

This means that when a potential customer searches for your product, they’ll see the same information on whichever platforms they prefer to purchase from.

Using Product Content Syndication Software Will Save Time

Obviously, implementing product syndication across all your selling channels will take a considerable amount of time and effort. Therefore, unless you have a team dedicated to this, you’ll need to automate this process wherever possible.

For just this reason product content syndication software is available to make this process easier and much faster. Using this software will allow you to ensure that your products appear as they should across all selling channels.

Examples Of Useful Product Content Syndication Software

Here are some examples of software that you could consider using:


This software can syndicate your product content to over 1,500 marketplaces including Walmart, Google Shopping, Facebook, Target, Amazon and many more. The software uses easy drag-and-drop templates which you can customize to your own product requirements.

Additionally, this software will also allow you to monitor the performance of your products across all channels on one easy to use dashboard.


The Gepard syndication software allows you to syndicate your product content across various sales channels such as Amazon, Walmart and eBay. This software integrates with around 47 marketplaces and has over 50 export templates which you can customize.


This software allows you to syndicate all your product information including videos, product tours and enhanced content. Plus, it allows you to update your content to suit different channels. This is vitally important because different channels require different types of information about your products.


ContentCast allows you to quickly syndicate your product content to over 3,000 different online marketplaces and retailers. This syndication service uses real-time online syndication. It’s a service that’s particularly suited to manufacturers who want a simple solution to their product syndication.

Final Thoughts

If you sell on multiple channels, it’s vital that your product information is consistent across all these channels. It gives your potential customers confidence that you sell quality products.

It’s also the perfect strategy to use for increasing your brand awareness and will give you excellent positioning in your chosen market environment. Furthermore, to make this process easier and less time consuming, consider using one of the available software solutions available to you.