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Promotional Tweets: The Do’s And Don’t s You Need To Know

For most marketers, Twitter advertising can have its own set of challenges. However, one good thing is that it’s a worthy platform for your advertising. Promotional tweets are not as complicated or expensive as people purport them to be.

You can actually create effective twitter campaigns through these tweets. Given the huge numbers of Twitter users, it’s evident that there’s great opportunity marketing on the platform.

Find out below the dos and don’ts, if you want to use promotional tweets.

Control Your Targeting

Budgets are known to exhaust fast on Twitter given the numbers and this means you must learn how to target the audience you’re addressing. Be restrictive on how you target and go for followers and interests first.

Broadening your target is likely to eat into your budget and in turn, give you very minimal returns. Therefore, identify how a smaller audience will react and respond to your promotional tweets.

Be Decisive With Calls-To-Action

Human beings have short attention spans, therefore do not write long promotional tweets with too many words and a call to action at the end. Rather, first, identify your goals and then develop the tweets with call to actions with the goal in mind.

Then, be very clear about your call to action. If your goal is for your followers to retweet, tell them clearly. Spell it out. Don’t leave your users second-guessing on whether to like, comment or retweet your tweets.

Keep It Short

Promotional tweets with 50 or less characters tend to have a higher engagement rate and it goes down as the characters increase. Actually, Twitter has recorded 56% higher engagement for tweets with between 10-49 characters.

Therefore, find out what works for you and then keep it short and precise. People are likely to scroll past wordy promotional tweets without reading. Therefore, they’re unlikely to engage or even retweet. So make sure you give them what they’re looking for and in this way, pass on the message and spur engagement.

Be Consistent With Organic Content

People prefer to interact with things they find familiar. Thus, consistency is the key if you are going to go anywhere with promotional tweets. Furthermore, maintain high quality in your organic content.

Don’t over-tweet, but also ensure that you’re consistent in posting. Make people look forward to your next promotional tweet.

The Don’t s Of Promotional Tweets

The most common don’t is, don’t overuse hashtags. Hashtags are great tools for finding content on Twitter. Therefore, don’t use them for anything else. Also, don’t overuse linkable content. It makes it obvious that you’re just pitching sales.

Most importantly, don’t ignore negative tweets. The reason for promotional tweets is for engagement and negative feedback is still engagement. Don’t publicly ignore criticism as this can be detrimental to your campaigns.

Twitter has over 250 million active users every month with over 1 billion tweets generated every 2 days. Twitter users are not kids looking for fun. They are adults with purchasing power.

Therefore, using Twitter for promotional posts is likely to be very effective when you understand what to do and what not to do.