Publish Your Book On Tradebit And Sell It On eBay

E-books have gained massive popularity over the last couple of years. According to a survey published by Pew Research, 21% or a fifth of Americans have already read an e-book. This rise can be attributed to the shift from printed material to digital sources. It has also been fueled by the rise of special reading devices such as tablets. Currently, you can publish any book you want and at any time, thanks to self-publishing platforms such as Tradebit.

Whether you want to create a tutorial or a short novel, Tradebit gives you the tools that you need to publish and sell your book.

About Tradebit

Tradebit is an online platform that specializes in the sale and promotion of digital products such as e-books, software, music, video clips and films, among others. If you’re a writer or author and you’re looking for a self-publishing platform, then you should check out Tradebit.

Uploading and selling your e-books is easy and fast. Once you create an account on the platform, you just need to verify it by paying a small amount of money via PayPal.

After you complete that process, Tradebit will host and display your files without any additional charges. They will only deduct a commission once you sell your e-books through the platform.

Why Tradebit

With a database of more than 400,000 e-books, Tradebit remains one of the most established platforms when it comes to self-publishing. Unlike other platforms, you will retain full ownership of your content.

Besides that, you have the freedom to set prices for your books. Also, you’re in charge of the entire process from publishing and marketing to selling. This means you don’t have to deal with any middlemen.

How It Works

If you want to publish your work via Tradebit, then you must ensure that your e-book is in PDF format. You can easily convert using online tools. After that, you just need to upload it on your account.

If you use Tradebit to sell your e-books, then they will charge you a commission of 25% to 75% depending on the source of the sale as well as monthly sales volume. As you can see, these rates are quite high.

And that’s why it’s highly advisable to sell your books using other platforms such as eBay.

Marketing Your E-book

As noted above, if you opt to sell your e-book via Tradebit, then you will incur high commissions. The good news is that you can explore other options such as eBay.

As much as eBay doesn’t offer publishing services, it’s one of the best platforms when it comes to selling e-books. When selling your e-books on e-bay you must clearly indicate that you are the legal owner of the content you’re selling.

If you fail to show proof of ownership, then your e-book might be banned from the site. Also, Tradebit offers various marketing tools which you can use to sell your e-book.

For instance, you can use their customizable widgets which you can then display on your own website.