Recover Abandoned Carts

How To Effectively Recover Abandoned Carts In Shopify

Recovering abandoned carts in your Shopify store comes with numerous benefits. First, it helps to increase sales. When you recover abandoned carts, you’ll be encouraging the customer to complete their purchase, thus increasing your store’s revenue.

Also, recovering abandoned carts helps you to determine the reason behind that trend. The good news is that recovering an abandoned cart is not as hard as it seems.

Here are some strategies that will help you to recover up to 90% of abandoned carts in your Shopify store.

Push Notifications

When you land on a website, you might have come across a pop-up that asks you whether you would like to receive push notifications. If you click allow, then you will start receiving notifications from that website.

Well, you can use the same strategy to recover abandoned carts. The Shopify App Store has numerous push notification apps that you can use to improve your cart recovery rate.

You just need to create a personalized message which will be sent to any customer who has abandoned a cart. For example, you can offer special discounts to such customers in an attempt to encourage them to complete the purchase.

You can send the notification a few minutes after the customer has abandoned the cart. However, a 24-hour window is always the best.

Retargeting Ads

You can also use retargeting ads to improve the recovery rate of your abandoned carts. With this method, you’ll be presenting the customer with the same products that they had previously abandoned.

You can also present a similar product but at a discounted price. For this strategy to work, you’ll need to add Google RSLA or the Facebook pixel to your Shopify store.

These tools will make your work significantly easier while saving you a great amount of time. Retargeting ads provide a powerful way of recovering abandoned Shopify carts. And the good news is that you don’t need advanced marketing skills to use them.

Use Email To Recover Abandoned Carts In Shopify

Email is one of the most popular methods used to recover abandoned carts in Shopify. However, it’s important to note that its effectiveness can be slightly lower compared to retargeting ads or push notifications.

Besides that, some emails might land in the spam folder, thus reducing the chances of the target customer opening them. For emails, you can either do it manually or automate the process.

To do it manually, you’ll need to send a link to the customer reminding them to complete their purchase. Once the customer completes the purchase through that link, you’ll instantly receive a notification.

However, the manual process can be time-consuming. And, this is why you should use the automated method. You can configure your store to automatically send emails to customers who don’t complete a purchase.

Each email sent to the customer contains a link to the order they didn’t complete.

Final Thoughts

Recovering abandoned carts in your Shopify store gives you an opportunity to boost your customer base, increase sales and grow your revenue. However, if your store is receiving a significantly high number of abandoned carts, then you need to find the root cause of the problem.