shopify customer service

How To Effectively Improve Your Shopify Customer Service

With the right customer service strategies, you should be able to attract the right clients to your Shopify store and influence them to become loyal customers who will buy from you time and again. The following are some tried and tested ways to improve your Shopify customer service.

Incorporate Live Chat

Live chat is software that allows your customers to communicate directly with your store. You can then provide real-time solutions to problems they may be having or answer any questions that they have.

Many live chat platforms also allow you to view customer orders in real-time so that you can keep them updated on their progress. Live chat has several advantages including the fact that it increases customer retention, saves time and can even help to boost sales for your Shopify store.

Make Use Of Social Media

Internet users make use of multiple social media platforms to stay in touch with friends and family, keep up with news, network with other people and even research companies and products.

Therefore, social media provides a great platform to showcase your Shopify products and services and engage better with potential customers. Opening social media accounts for your Shopify store makes it easier for customers to reach you.

Ensure that you’re available to handle customer queries on a regular basis or employ someone to manage your social media pages in order to ensure that customer concerns are addressed quickly.

Create A Help Center

A help center is a section on your website or Shopify store that allows customers to solve their problems by themselves as opposed to speaking to you directly or to a customer service representative.

Your Shopify help center should include information that makes it easier for visitors to your store to help themselves without requiring direct input from you. Some information you should have in your help center includes:

  • Steps for setting up an account
  • FAQs
  • Product information
  • Shipping and return details
  • Your refund policy

A help center is great for improving customer service. This is because it helps you preempt customer issues. Thus, you can solve them beforehand. Plus, you can ensure that you avoid complaints and negative reviews.



Once your Shopify store takes off, you may find it difficult to handle all the orders and queries that result from an influx of customers. You may find yourself overwhelmed and unable to address customer issues efficiently.

This may result in customer dissatisfaction and may even cause some of your customers to move to the competition. To prevent this, you can outsource customer service to friends and family members, freelancers or customer service agencies.

Conclusion On Improving Your Shopify Customer Service

Improving your Shopify store’s customer service will help you retain customers. It will also help you build your brand’s reputation and get more referrals. This will generally ensure that you’re treating your customers the right way.

With a few simple strategies such as using live chat, outsourcing, creating a help center and using a variety of other customer service technologies, you should be able to ensure that your customers are well taken care of.

At the end of the day, this will keep them coming back to buy even more products from you.