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The Pros And Cons Of Using Instagram Shoppable Posts

Instagram shoppable posts are changing the way people shop online in a significant way. In fact, up until recently, the only way e-commerce stores could drive traffic from Instagram was by adding a link to their Instagram bio.

However, with shoppable posts, businesses can now turn their Instagram accounts into visual stores, add product information and tags to their images and thus link directly to the product web pages.

Furthermore, Instagram recently introduced a checkout point. There are so many reasons why you should jump on the Instagram shoppable posts bandwagon. However, this is not without a few downsides.

Have a look at the pros and cons of Instagram shoppable posts.

The Pros

One advantage of Instagram shopping is that people can now move from product inspiration to product information. Discovering and then buying products on Instagram is now easier with features like “shop” tabs and product tags.

For companies, tagging a product is as simple as tagging a person. For shoppers, rather than guessing information, the shopping tags allow for easy access to every tagged product’s information.

Another advantage is that you don’t have to upload images every time you want to post a shoppable photo or story. All you need to do is update your Facebook catalog with all your products.

Once you do this, every time you want to tag a product, you simply key in the keyword or product title and it will automatically tag the image.

Instagram Shoppable Posts Offer A Complete Shopping Experience

Instagram shoppable posts further allow your shoppers to carry out the complete shopping process from discovering to check out. The recent development of the Instagram Shopping check out will ensure that the customer does not have to sign out and check into another website to complete their shopping.

They can be inspired by a product, check out its description right on Instagram through the tags and shop from the shopping cart available on every shoppable post. Then, they can proceed to check out, all on Instagram.

The Cons

One notable disadvantage of using the Instagram shoppable is that it does not allow its users to place a clickable link in the shoppable post. Although you can add a link into the post, this link is not clickable and all an Instagrammer can do is copy the URL.

However, most people on social media will not do that. Also, Instagram is a social media platform with over a billion monthly users. Quite a large number, right?

But it only attracts a certain kind of person. Therefore, it has a limited audience. Statistics show that the majority of Instagram users are between the ages of 18 and 29.

Therefore, brands targeting an older audience may not benefit much. This is a major reason why even with the so many benefits that come with Instagram shoppable posts, most brands have still not embraced it.

Just like it is with every other feature online, Instagram shoppable posts have both advantages and disadvantages. As a business, it’s prudent to look at both the benefits and downside of every venture. Then, weigh them against the business goals.

While Instagram shoppable posts have made it easier for shoppers, it may not benefit all types of businesses. However, to those whose target clients on the platform, it’s not only ideal for driving traffic but also for increased conversion.

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