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Choosing Between Smart URLS Or BookLinker For Amazon Books

If you’re an author with a book on Amazon, you’re likely to lose out on book sales because Amazon is country-specific. What this means is that buyers from certain countries cannot purchase your book. This is because each book has a distinct link for every country and most authors only use the link that is specific to their country. To deal with this problem, Amazon authors can choose to use smart URLS or BookLinker for Amazon.

Understanding Smart URLs and BookLinker

BookLinker is a marvelous tool that Amazon authors can use to generate one link for their book that can be used for all Amazon stores. It’s a free tool and once you create a link using it, you have a universal Amazon link that you can use.

What BookLinker achieves is that it localizes Amazon links for any of your books that are selling on Amazon regardless of what form they’re in.

Smart URL on the other hand, is a tool that enables you to connect all the different Amazon links for all the different countries so that you can generate one link that will spontaneously lead readers to the right link for their country.

Both these tools are designed to make it easy for readers looking for books on Amazon to find what they need locally.

Choosing Between BookLinker And Smart URLs

BookLinker only works with product book pages and author pages and will not function with review pages. Smart URLs, on the other hand, works with all Amazon pages and this includes reviews.

However, using Smart URLs can take a little longer and you must reinsert affiliate tags for each and every product and cannot do this in one go. Using BookLinker means that your writing can be made available in all Amazon stores using the tool to promote your writing to an international audience.

Using Smart URLs means that you’ll be able to use just one link for promoting your book on social media. The URL is comprehensive and spontaneously directs readers to your book in their ideal Amazon storefront.

What the URLs achieve is that they break the barriers your customers might experience when they want to purchase your book regardless of their current country of residence.

Amazon Global Storefront

Anytime authors post links and expect readers to make a purchase of their book, they should be cognizant of the fact that Amazon is global. What this means is that despite the fact that most people are aware of only the website, this is actually not the store for everyone.

There is an for readers in the UK, there’s an for readers that reside in Germany, there’s an for people in Canada and so forth. Using the Smart URL and the BookLinker tools means that readers are able to locate the right Amazon store for their geographical location.

BookLinker is unique because it works only with Amazon. Smart URLs on the other hand, can operate with review pages. You need both tools although Smart URLs is better if you want to work with review pages.

This is why it’s essential to learn how to implement these tools in your Amazon marketing efforts.