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4 Snapchat Metrics Your Business Should Be Measuring

Snapchat is growing at a very high rate. Perhaps, this is because it’s the social media platform that most millennials are using. Marketing to this demographic through Snapchat will give you leverage over your competitors. Therefore, since Snapchat has become a fundamental way of reaching out to your target audiences, the following are some of the Snapchat metrics you should be measuring to figure out the success of your campaigns.

1. Screenshots

Whenever you take snaps, Snapchat provides a way through which you can track the screenshots of your snaps that users have taken. The number of screenshots taken has a great role to play in identifying the aspects that resonate with your followers the most.

Additionally, through these screenshots, you’re able to determine how you can engage your audience better. Indeed, this is a Snapchat metric that you can consider using to measure the success of your campaigns.

2. Total Unique Views

This is one of the major Snapchat metrics that businesses are using to measure the success of their marketing campaigns. The number of people who view your Snapchat videos speaks volumes when it comes to determining the level of success in your campaigns.

Total unique views reflects the actual size of the audience who view your content, thus you can use this to know the progress of your campaign. This is a common Snapchat metric that your business can benefit from in a big way.

3. Completion Rate

Snapchat can be equated to a storybook. In this regard, you can be in a position to know the number of people who have managed to view your story.

Thus, you’re able to determine how many users have managed to view the whole of your Snapchat stories and those who have read halfway. The completion rate will give you a clear picture of how your audience is interacting with your content and the impact it is making on them.

4. Fallout Rate

You can also use the fallout rate as one of the Snapchat metrics your business can utilize to measure the success of its marketing campaigns. The above-mentioned metric shows where, in a Snapchat story, the number of views starts to drop.

As a marketer you need to take note of this. Through the fallout rate, you’ll identify where the fallout is higher and take the necessary steps to correct that. As a good marketer, you’ll be able to create better and more convincing content to avoid the fallout.

Conclusion On Important Snapchat Metrics

Snapchat has a great communication influence in today’s business world. Thus, you cannot avoid it as a marketing approach. Be that as it may, you should always be keen to monitor how your business’ Snapchat marketing campaigns are progressing.

Thankfully, there are various Snapchat metrics you can use to make this a success. Once you use these metrics wisely and consistently, you’ll improve your marketing efforts incredibly.